Does this kind of app exist for monome ?

  • Hello there,
    Is there an existing application made for the monome that is able to make this :
    - User choose and drop / load several audio samples (16 samples for example, but more is of course welcome) -› Sequence them in a grid step sequencer and can make pattern (a lot of patterns)
    - Possibility to change the tune, transpose of any samples, duration. I'm dreaming but : Automation ?
    - Possibility to setup a different range of the loop for each sample assigned on each step ?
    - Possibility to get special devices recorded (like Elektron Gears) for each step of the sequencer and for each sample
    - Possibility to trigger or loop the sample (and changing zone of the loop selected ) on the fly and call back them any time.

    I know there's Ableton Live, but i'm searching for lighter app and made only for the monome.
    Does this beautiful baby exist ?

    No midi controller, just audio.

  • There are an awful lot of sample players in the full apps listing:

    But I can't help but think that you're not going to get much lighter than Ableton and retain full automation - Maybe check out the new BitWig 1.1, in which I understand you can switch off features that you're not using to make it lighter.

  • Hello Kinetic !

    I've watched this page and bookmarked it last week and installed some of these apps (64fingers, 64steps, Balron, Chocolate, Hub, Liiive, Mash, ML_IVE, MLR, MLRV, Party), but there's plenty of apps who make the same thing (chopping audio loop for example), and in fact my needs are simpler : choose audio samples, and arrange them in a step sequencer.
    Of course, i would like to have some settings concerning the sample itself, but i'm not looking for the special effects of Live.
    So i'm wondering what app is better for the use.

    If you have some app to advise me that are closed to the previous needs, your help is welcome.

  • you may want to check out Molar. it can do a lot of the things u want.

  • Ah !!!!
    Just have a look on it right now…
    For the moment, i've tested 64steps (very good but incomplete : 7 samples in my opinion is not enough, although i love the principle). Furthermore, i can't save my presets.

  • with max 7 this all seems likely in the near future. especially with the the now-included dirac~ objects. lotta possibilities for repitching, transposing, and keeping everything in time.

    playlists too. DAT PLAYLIST. DAYUMMMM.

  • Hi Misk !
    You forgot that Max 7 is almost young… got installed the demo, and seem quite unstable right now…
    By the way, I've tried to download and install Molar for Live 9 (with Max 619à… It's awful to config (worst than Pages in my opinion). I've stopped to go further.

    And this question :
    Why do I have the impression that monome users have to be an astronaut or a NASA engineer to get use of wonderfull apps with the monome ?

    Hermetic things for openminded users and gears.
    That's a paradox.
    No offense for the developers ! :-)


  • Hey, you are litterally stealing my thoughts. I have over the past few days vowed to have 64 step appended to include the features we need;

    looping of samples
    choke groups
    midi cc or monome-side control of start/length/volume/pitch
    implement simple midi cc controlled AD volume envelope?
    and further out into fantasy land;

    Elektron style parameter locks for the above mention cc controllable parameters (This would be amazing)
    Midi cc control of multi stage envelope nodes as found already in 64 step
    A bank system that is not unintuitive and tied to patterns like the soundset already in the app. (Though no real need for more than 7 sample if we can get parameter locked start/length commands going.) Even parameter locks to patterns rather than individual steps would be useful.

    I would be happy to pay money for any of these additions. I share the OP's sentiments of wanting something self contained and small! 64 step is perfect if only it had some extra basic features.

    So how about it? A bounty, for anyone who adds midi CC control of Start, Length, Volume and Pitch to 64 step :D

  • I forgot ^^ Clock divider per track, Step length per track.
    In fact, basically, Parc spliced into 64step with the above mentioned features would be the ideal outcome. How stupid an idea really is this? Is it at all possible?

  • Lolitacomplex, you know what ? Yesterday night, i started to write an email to Tehn and Peter in order to ask them if it was possible to implement some of these features, but i did not sent the mail from now.

    Like you, I'm' ready to pay the cost for a development. So we are 2 people ! :-)
    For me, the essentials :

    - Possibility to use and sequence 49 samples than 7 actually possible (multiple of the 7 samples welcome for "each" page of the monome, accessible from one or two button like for example the right bottom corner)
    - Possibility to create for each step of the 64 steps (and for each line of the samples) differents envelopes or loops / regions zone from the same assigned sample and possibility to save all the presets.
    - Possibility to select on the fly instead of the obligatory 64 steps : 8 steps, 16 steps, 24 steps, 32 steps, 48 steps, 56 steps, or 64 steps.
    - Possibility to create patterns (16 is enough) and select them
    - Possibility to save all the content and reload it

    I'm sure it's quite possible, but requires skills in Max that I just don't have.
    64 steps is one of the best apps for the monome : Light and delicious, but not enough flexible for a real use of composition.

    Tehn and Peter, time to wake up ! :-)))

  • you might want to take a look at 'plane' as well. it is a giant scrollable sequencer with arbitrary loop ranges etc.

    from memory 64step was written way back in 2006 so it may well have faded from the memory (and interests) of its developer peter. of course it's open source so invites modification and extension if you have the skills or know the person who does.

  • you know, @cremaster, for someone with your clarity of vision for what you want, then Max7 is probably where it's at. Start programming small and dream big.

  • @cremaster so what are we saying? a months subscription to max 7 each or try to prize someones skill for hard cash?

    If i was sure I could learn enough max in 3 months to edit the features weve both mentioned, id go for it in a flash.

    but my knowledge of prgramming is limited to GML (game maker language) and processing, and im beginner at both, unfortunately

  • To Kineticmonkey : Despite of my clarity of vision (lol), my knowledge is reduced to the knowledge of an insect about the universe, concerning Max. Got already Max 6. I love Max and programmed few years ago a patch with the Wi-Balance, but no Monome app.

    To Lolitacomplex : One month subscription is not enough… 100 years is better :-))
    Maybe we can hire a Monome Ninja Developper ?
    For my case, i can pay until 400 - 500€ to get all the needs listed in 64steps.

    Unfortunately, due to the fact that I've a live act on January, i'm obliged to use Ableton Live and it's BORING. :-)

    To Galapagoose : Will have a look on Plane ! Hope it's easy to set up…

    All the best to you !

  • Im going to do it :) Hopefully.
    Starting with looping samples and choke groups, then midi CC control of start/end point, pitch and volume, Cant be tooo hard right? :s

    Cremaster if you're using Live for your gig in Jan, why not use Soyuz or Parc running into an awesome instrument/ drum rack? Both would easily simulate 64 step, you needn't even acknowledge the laptop, and you'd get control of all the parameters we discussed.

    Honestly I too want it standalone, audio sampling step sequencer app, but if youre forced to use Ableton, you might as well go the whole hog!
    If you haven't tried either Soyuz or Parc yet then get on it. Both great.

    I myself have not used plane, but will look into it. (Ive only got an 8x8 grid)


  • Hi Lolitacomplex !

    Seriously ? You want to learn Max ? Good choice ! :-)
    You may find some nice patches about how to manipulate samples, and define all the basis options. But i think, the problem is : how to apply it (connect and find the good hotpoint) on Monome interface (serialOSC.maxpat) and so son…

    I don't know neither Soyuz nor Parc so i'll have a try on both of them this Week-End. But for the moment… it's all right.
    I'm composing only under Live 9, and i'm triggering clips with my launchpad and my monome. Works very well but need to spend more times on Ableton than an Elektron Gears to do the work… (ah… beloved parameters lock… :-).

    For the Plane app, i've downloaded it two days ago… Open it and… close it 40 seconds after… Super Mega Giga App but quiet hermetic for me and honestly I don't have enough time to experiment the creation process with this app (I know this app is really useful for many monome users… but as i've said previously, i'm not graduated from the Nasa High School… for now…). :-)

    But your feedback about Plane is welcome !

  • ingredients to learn max:

    -a monome device
    -an idea
    -caffeine or yerba mate

    I say a monome device because you'll learn a TON of more advanced topics by creating a monome patch than you would by say, making a generative MIDI patch with markov chains.
    oh, and you'll be learning bitshifting. advanced max, bitches!

    and yeah, i studied traditional composition - makes math easier - and i have calculus textbooks on my ipad :P

    honestly, i spent WAAAAY more time screwing with my old launchpad to translate it to work with monomeserial than i have making whatever for my 128 gs.

    plane tho - man stretta blew my mind with that one. all of the sudden it's no longer a grid of buttons, but a window into a world :)

  • Hi misk,

    - a monome device : got one
    - time : sometimes
    - an idea : always :-)
    - caffeine or yerba mate : got coffee !

    But your forgot one thing : Aspirins :-)

    Nevertheless I think I will follow your advice and will be back in Max language in few weeks.
    And you're right that having a goal is important. I've started last week to learn how the monome communicate with the user action (push button) (by editing the patch : base_monome). Quiet interesting but need more comprehension with the max objects.

    Maybe efforts will be rewarded one day !

  • Cremaster, if you've got basic max skills that i, for now, am lacking; do you think you'd be able to hack this together, for some money;

    unwire the midi CC's linked to volume (found in the options tab, under midi) and hook them up to the sample start position?
    (Next payday il get a Max subscription and do my best to learn!)

    Pretty please; anyone?!

  • Hi lolita,
    Even if i have some very little skills on max, i'm afraid to say to you that unfortunately i'm not capable for the moment to modify the Tehn and Peter Patch.
    I'm running out of time for january (need to improve some tracks, and some videos).

    But, if i made some improvement, I will give you the patch.


  • @lolitacomplex

    do u have max for live? i did a 128step port, and i'll be adding midi learn to a lot of the functions hopefully sometime in the next couple weeks.

  • @elequinto: no i dont, I think it may be worth my while to get a licence however.
    really glad to hear you plan to add midi functions.

    I can help slightly with small donations. Any chance you could retrofit your additions to non-max4live 64 step for possibly more donations via me and OP (Cremaster)?

  • @elquinto: any word? backport your features to reg 64 step? for cash? Please?!