• Still in love with Sum! I love the fluidity of the work flow.
    By way of jumping on the feature request list. A solo button within each app would be wonderful. Now that i have a 128 I almost don't need to look at the computer monitor when using Sum, but it would be great to be able to quickly and easily solo the app that you're working in.

    And of course savable presets would be wonderful as well! Especially for step.

    My last request is probably pie in the sky, but it would be a boon to be able to substitute Aalto or Kaivo for the built in synth. As much as i love the built in synth being alble to use Aalto or Kaivo within Sum would be incredible! I'm just dreaming here i guess.
    Thanks again for such a great musical tool!

  • Great job guys, Sum is great and very inspiring!
    One question: as I own 64 grid (kit version) is there a way I can access from the grid:

    1. Beam slides past 8?
    2. Step sounds past 7?

    Thx all!

  • Okay, here's an idea! for the as yet fictitious assignable tilt that is totally happening as a reality in my brain, scroll could be an option to give a 16 step sequencer, with 16 sounds? Just tilt it a bit to shimmy it over one step at a time?

    ...and of course to clear the pattern we should totally be able to shake it like an etch-a-sketch.

    And of course this is all coming from someone with little idea of programming, so these ideas would just have to be implemented by someone else :D

  • Is something up with the Docs page for sum? All the TOC links don't seem to go anywhere, including a download page. No information visible there, just empty links.

  • It's working for me - I think the Github page has everything you'd need as well:

  • is this app still in running for updates or feature changes? arc implementation seems very intuitive to be included in something like this. are there any chances of arc control?

  • we're definitely open to updates and feature changes, though admittedly this is low-priority at the moment. we've got many new things in the works so hopefully that explains somewhat.

    if you have more specific requests, or ideas of how these additions could be implemented, it might make it more realistic for us to spend a day updating sum.

  • right on! i am just in daydream mode as my arc is in the mail still. i will certainly be thinking of desirous implementations as i dig deep with these wonders in the coming days. hopefully i can at least get it all installed in the first place lol.

  • Sum is really amazing!!!!
    Trouble is, now when I try to open EDW to use my arc Sum seems to open as well and overrides EDW.....
    Not sure why, but I can't seem to use EDW now that I've put sum onto my MacBook.
    Any chance I'll eventually be able to load Electric Dharma Wheels into Sum at some point?

  • sounds like the Sum app is opening EDW rather than Max itself.

    go to the EDW maxpatch in Finder, 'Get Info' and under "open with" change it to "Max 6" and select "apply to all files of this type".

    that should get everything back in order and they'll both work side by side.

  • Worked like a charm.
    Monome Sum and EDW = tones of goodness.

    Thank you for the help. I've got my wheels back!

    Now all I have to do is to figure out how to route these into my Maschine.....

  • made my first track with monome-sum using step and mlr! i just used the presets because i didnt know i could just drop samples into the mlr, this app is fun!
    here is my track

  • Just downloaded the new installation package for sum. Awesome to combine all the install packages making this a no-brainer. Excellent work. Too bad I grabbed the wrong cable for my monome this morning!

  • I'm trying to connect an arduinome but it isn't recognized by the new install. I went back and tested it with the old monome_test1.1 maxpat (Max 5) and it connects and tests fine. Is there something else I'll have to do to use it with monome_sum?

    edit: I'm having the same issue with my mk 128 kit device, reads fine in monome_test, won't come up in sum.

  • Did you put serosc file in the max folder?

  • just dropped it in the patches/extra folder as well as the main patches folder, still nothing.

  • well it actually should not make a difference... sorry i forgot i was in the sum thread...

    if you open serialosc can you see your device there and connect it as well?

    have you had any luck?

  • no, when I open serialoscd I get the msg: osc server error 9904, "cannot find free port" ((null))supervisor: couldn't create lo_server

    there is one open serialosc service for each of my connected nomes (one is an mk the other an arduinome). Both work on mac.

  • Apologies from a newb, but I am across everything in sum except getting router to work. it's top right button? never seems to bring up the router screen, it just affects the parameter in whatever app I am using.

    other than that, this is a lovely 'paddling pool' for Monome, before we venture into deeper waters.

  • figured it out, router is not mapped initially, you need to map in in the advanced tab.

  • any projects about using of the ARC with monome sum ?

    change the speed of the MLR sample for example...


    Hello. Used Sum as part of a performance for the first time this evening, instead of as a creative tool. Am I right in thinking I cannot save a set? I tried the "save" function, but to no avail. So I had to turn up 10 minutes before and set it up like I needed it. No biggie, but it'd be lovely to have this as an option for the future. A lot of the time, I'll be switching between things on Ableton and want something creative to do inbetween sets, see?

    Any insights greatly appreciated.

  • I would love a "monophponic" switch in flin. Not sure I have any preference for note priority. Just thought I'd mention that here...

  • Hi,

    Is there any way of saving settings made to the step sound editor? I did overwrite the (sbatch. j son) file but every time I autoload the changes I have made I only seem to be able to recognise that the router key is the only change it saves. I would love to be able to fire up and not have to manually edit the step sound editor every time, especially in a live situation. x

  • alright, i'm going to perform with monome_sum and a little modular system tomorrow.

    that triggered the question how hard it would be to modify sum to have individual audio outputs for the different instruments? not that i necessarily need that right away, but it would be a great way to jam with sum, record the individual bits on separate tracks and then tweak/mix in a daw later.

    i'll have to upgrade to max7 anyway sooner or later, so might as well make this a first project if a) it doesn't turn out to be super-hard to do, b) someone could nudge me in the right direction on how to approach this.

  • this isn't exactly easy.

    sum's synth engine is basically a single poly~ object which is fed a big list of data according to the current note it's generating. you could use the application 'flag' (part of the list) to control a gate~ object and add 3 separate audio outputs. then you'll need to add a dac~ object in the main synth patch to route via rewire / soundflower / through your soundcard.

    mlr is already separate so it's just a matter of adding the dac~ object.

    splitting the applications to separate outputs will definitely increase CPU load.