anybody have any cool scenes they wish to share?

  • i need to get inspired to get back into my aleph, anyone got any cool stuff they'd like to share?
    (if i make any vids with it i promise to give you a plug too)

  • not yet
    still wrestling

  • New scenes would be great!

    New Aleph user here - is there a page where existing user scenes have been aggregated? A la the grids doc page?

    I've found some cool stuff looking through old threads but feel like I must be missing something.

  • try this (it's a bit hard to find, there's a link to it way down on the Bees subpage)

  • a bunch of those scenes aren't really up to date. i don't think a lot of people have taken the plunge into editing.

    i find that a lot of the scenes i've been making lately are all either very simple or very idiosyncratic and i'm not sure who else would want them. i have tons of little cv clock utility things that eventually will make a nice bundle, though.

  • The bumper pack scenes work with 0.6, (well gripper and stasis definitely, just been using those in a concert) not sure about the rest

  • I still haven't begun editing yet. I've been waiting for the graphical editor, and I guess for some extra time, to start. But seeing as the aleph has been out for nearly a year now, I think i've waited too long.

  • Thanks for sharing that page @duncan_speakman

    Looking forward to diving in!