youtube partner....yay/nay?

  • i'm not to sure who watches them here or if you follow my channel but i'm finding that my follower count seems to be growing at a decent rate with my latest vid getting over a thousand plays in under a week, are any of you youtube partners?
    what're the benefits/income like and is it worth "selling out"?
    how does a "network" work?
    would you be less inclined to watch the vid if an advertisement proceeded it?

    (i'm not asking this to blow my own horn and am seeking actual opinions so don't act like the muffwiggler guys please if you have an opinion on what i make or how i share it..)

  • Your videos are beautiful and really complement the longer pieces. If you're looking to "monetise" the videos, I'd consider all options.

    My concern with the YouTube Partners programme, Spotify, and many other services is that it changes what the product is and the transaction is radically affected. If you sell your music on iTunes or Bandcamp, the music is the product, your audience the customer. If you sell advertising on videos of your music, your audience is then your product which you sell to advertisers who are then your customers. If and how this will affect your music, your audience and the integrity of your art is something only you can decide.

    A service that don't change the original transaction or that could be seen as affecting it positively could be Patreon which seems to work for quite a few artists that use the medium of YouTube (you can also use this alongside the Partners programme). Also a lot of people would be interested in downloading the audio from the videos in high quality, and this could provide income as well?

    Try all 3 and see what works?

  • Ah patreon, forgot about that!
    Thanks for nice words, I really appreciate it.
    Personally for me I find that doing what I do, with the gear that I use to be something that's best appriciated on a multi-sensory level, soundcloud/just posting audio just doesn't float my boat anymore (it might just be a faze tho..) ...
    I'm not interested in selling what I do as I do bcos I love it and it's my passion and I find more gratification in the feedback and discussion that's generated not the prospect of getting paid but I'm not gonna say no if someone wants the pay for it I guess..