white whale 1.2 update

  • can you make an example where exactly? map mode? even when it's you saying that (or because it's you? :D), for me its still hard to believe its more to it than some eye candy..
    I guess I'm protecting myself :)
    wish I could try it.. thank you for sharing your thoughts on it!

  • I have a 2011 64 that has 4 levels. Maybe I'm not seeing it with 4 levels though.

    I think it's the 8 steps that are annoying me most. Ha

  • Can you see the scale index steps increment and decrement when you edit notes in cv curve mode on a monobright grid?

  • arduinome running the latest arduinome firmware not recognised by the whale. arduinome otherwise functional with the sum application on my win machine.

    kudos on the new all in one installer btw - very very nice. hadn't seen that before.