MLRV on Maschine?

  • Hello,

    I e-mailed the guys who made MLRV but it has been well over a year now with no response.
    Is it possible to have MlrV run on Maschine?

    - CizreK

  • possible but useless

  • how is that possible? did I miss a vst version?

    edit: oh, you mean mlrv controlled by maschine midi mode? why not? afaik mlrv can be midi controlled?

  • what I mean is that it's possible, not supported yet but you can edit the patch by yourself :-)
    but on a 4x4 grid it would be fun?

  • Ah I have no idea, thought mlrv had generic midi support already :)

    Well you could have two lanes with 8step reso or so.. But you're right it would be quite limited and likely no out of the box visual feedback on the hw.

  • if you sent them a chunk of money as a thank you to begin with, a response might happen.

  • Mlrv does support midi in, (notes 0-127 all are the pads on a 128) i don't remember what the setting was in the setup tab, only that its at the lower left.