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  • Hi friends,
    I'm selling my Monome 256 grid, it is actually one of the first ever produced, number 256-137. It is not usb powered and as you imagine it has no varibright. It is in a very good condition, almost perfect, but it has a tiny scratch on one side. I'm asking 600€ and I would prefer to meet someone in Berlin than ship it. I would also prefer cash but I am open to negotiate and change it for an analog synth. You can contact me by private message or by email (mine is first entry on the trade list, you can search my name which is Marc Oller and then you can see my email address).

  • hi ist dein monome noch da?

  • Hi! I sent you an email some days ago. Yes, the 256 is still for sale. Are you interested? Thanks!

  • (By the way, excuse if I can't express myself properly in german, as I'm still learning it...)