serial osc sometimes will not connect

  • lately so far it's happened 3 times out of dozens of successful boot-ups, all of them at shows. i will plug my monome in, osc will recognize my device, i click connect and nothing happens. even when i reconnect the monome it still won't connect my device. 2/3 times it's happened all i had to do was restart my mac (10.6.8) open up max 5 and try it again and it would work. the other time it happened i had to redownload serial osc on my phone, send it to my mac, and delete and replace the serial osc on the computer (both the same version)

    what causes serial osc to not connect, and how can i avoid it so that i don't have any more heart attacks?

  • can you give details on "click connect and nothing happens"?

    does the color of the serialosc box change?

  • when it doesn't connect, clicking connect doesn't have this: image
    go to this:
    but it still recognizes that a monome is connected

  • what mlr version are you using? that's an ancient version of serialosc.maxpat

  • oh really? i'm using mlr 2.56

  • all you should have to do is remove the sosc .maxpat from your mlr 2.56 folder and put the current one in your max5/patches folder. (or max6/patches if u use max 6)

    hope that helps

  • i'll try the new serial osc when i get home.

    also, does it matter that i'm still using max 5 runtime for mlr 2.56? i remember attempting to run on mlr 2.56 on max 6 a few years ago and it wouldn't cooperate/kept crashing so i played it safe with 5. the old serialosc that i have now opens with 6 by itself, but when mlr/max 5 is opened it will open under 5.