Meadowphysics module fault?

  • @tehn or galapagoose

    Trigger 1 appears to have failed on my MP module

    Has anyone had this happen?

    Not getting any light or signal through at all to my akai s900 with ask90 trigger ins

    tried all other outputs and they are all triggering and led's are working too

    Any ideas?

    I have added the module to my mini case on its own and the walnut 2007 256 has a walwart too, haven't tried with volts added but will now

  • what power supply in in your case? what's it rated?

    if the 256 has a external power it shouldn't require much. but the module functions correctly otherwise?

  • I have the doepfer mini case. Added the mutable instruments volts and no difference to the led.

    The 256 does have external power.

    The module seems to be functioning otherwise.

    I can try with the 512 as I am using the lower half with firmware set as 2x 128's

    Get back to you.


  • sounds inexplicably broken. e-mail and we'll arrange a repair.

  • @tehn thank's

    I'll email you about this


  • if you weren't using ext5v you might be in trouble.

    "built-in A-100 miniature power supply/bus board with higher output current (200 mA @ +/-12V and 50 mA @ +5V) "

  • i had no idea the mini power supplied so little.

    there's probably not even enough 12V available to make the Volts work.

    but, this is a close margin. it'd depend heavily on how many other modules you have in your case. do you have a modulargrid layout available to see?

    but since the 256 is externally powered, the 5v is probably fine, but the system overall i'd judge as unstable at best.

  • I have been using but not at same time:

    MP and WW

    Expert Sleepers ES3 & ES5

    Think I need a larger case for just monome modules

    not sure how to link with modulargrid and not time just now to fiddle :(

  • well, we'll get the MP fixed regardless. definitely you need a bigger power supply.

  • Thanks all

    I'll sort another power supply and expansion looks inevitable