soon to be old- redux

  • @amerryprankter
    it was made using max 6. check your Live prefs and make sure under File Folder you have max 6 selected.

  • @james
    i would be interested in your 64 mod.
    would you mind sharing it or uploading it to the redux docs page?

  • @elquinto
    Thank you so much:)
    I appreciate your help.
    Yes ,I will send it to you if this happens more often.

  • @james @trppng
    Are you guys taking about 64 to control vol and effects with tilt function like 2.6.1AUX ? (auxiliary 64 w/tilt & fx)
    If it so ,that would be awesome .
    I like insanity app to map Ableton but i miss tilt function:)

  • no, no tilt function needed for me.
    i simply want to use a 64 / 128 vertical and stillhave the complete top row functions.

  • @hiko
    check out tilty magee as an example.

    using that, you could try modifying insanity to have tilt control too.

  • @elquinto
    Thank you very much.
    I can't wait to use it :)

  • @trppng
    here you go. The octave page led's show up on column 8 on a 64, so you can only octave shift down. If I figure out how to have octave 0 show up on column 4, or 5, I'll let you know. Also, I use a different serialosc.maxpat than the one in the original download, so I didn't test this, but it should be good, let me know.

    File is more than 2M, and I don't know how to upload to docs page, so........

  • that's for version 1.19

  • @elquinto @james
    Thank you very much for all your hard work much appreciated.
    I am wondering if there is a kind of documentation that show the different functionalities of the new mlr.
    I mean the button press combination to activate recordings ecc...
    Even if not official..

    Thank you

  • readme in the zip-file.

  • @elquinto
    I made Ableton template with redux v1.19,when I open it then press command +Z as a first action it will undo somethings which I'm not sure about it but with this action, I can load my mlr set with out having crashing issue so far.

    Did you make redux to able to carry more than 400 samples?
    I put more than 2000 samples and it's still works fine(^_^)

    I still can't figure out how to using Insanity app and tillty app to work together but I think this will be my challenging :)

    Thank you for making this great app again:)

  • @hiko
    when it was crashing, was it crashing when u loaded your set in redux or when u loaded your Live set? when u hit cmd-z do u know what things you are undoing? is it crashing only with this particular set? knowing these would help me a lot to understand what's going on.

    yes i made the file limit 3000. :)

  • 1.20 is going to be a super update. slice mode got a total overhaul. quick presses in slice mode work really well now. also i'm making oct+- recordable in patterns. :)

    i'll have it up tomorrow hopefully.

  • @elquinto
    Can I make a request for an official 64 version with the super update?
    That would be very very good also for us people having the little monome borther.

    Thank you very much

  • @elquinto
    Thank you .It's great!!

    The crash happened When I loaded my set in redux .
    I made 2 sets (save files)and both of them crashed.
    also it was only one time crashed when I dragged individual sample from Ableton browser to mlr window directly on the row.
    (This one didn't show "serious error occurred " when it happened.)

    As far as cmd+z things, i just found out that has nothing to do with redux.
    there are 8times of undo action with "delete file" and "drop file" .
    ( undo delet file >undo drop file>undo drop file>so on..)
    but it's from m4l effect called magnetic ,

    I made another template With out magnetic to test.(redux and 4 outputs)
    There is 1 undo action now
    (undo change live menu)
    but i think it doesn't trigger that crashing issue.

    I'm sorry to confuse you...
    so I'm not sure why mine got crash last time.
    maybe they conflict each other?

    I'm exciting for the super update:)
    Thank you so much:)

  • wish-list:
    - synced preroll (it has a preroll but it's synced to when you press the record-go and not to the downbeat)
    - 64 / 128 vertical version

  • @hiko
    ok when i load a live set w/redux i notice i have stuff under 'Undo' also. (it says Undo Change "live.text[91]") i'll look into why this is happening. it'll be a few more days before i post the update because if i can, i want to get this fixed.

  • @elquinto
    Thank you very much.:)

  • while we're all shouting requests at you, i would also like to chime in for a 64 version. thanks dude, this is rad.

  • feeling good. fixed the infamous mlr "rowfix" issue today. :)

  • wow amazing! that was the single most important hack for live performance, glad to know someone got to the bottom of it...

  • Yes!!:)
    I can't wait to try newer version.
    thank you for the hard work.

  • @rawray
    i know man, performance killer big time. it's been on the top of my to-do list. i was putting it off because i thought it would be hard to fix, but it was surprisingly simple. i'm just starting with max, and i figured it out in half an hour...

  • great mlr version. my wish list:
    Instant change for the modifiers, like octave shift and length,... now it looks like you have to trigger the row to apply the change.
    one finger modifier, maybe buttom row for the modifiers(molar like)?
    audio gate function for each row

  • the macro control feature can be used to do audio gate per row. if u want immediate changes, go to time.maxpat (bpatcher) and bypass the 'change 0'. i actually spent forever trying to figure out why the other m4l mlr's were always doing immediate changes (because i really don't like it that way).

  • 1.2 is is on the wiki! many hours of max patching went into this update, hope y'all enjoy!

    Happy Holidays!

  • thank you very much for the 64/128v mode.
    Much appreciated!!!

    Gonna test it tonight.


  • Thank you so much.
    I will try today.
    Happy holidays too.:)

  • HI ALL....
    Need a bit of help.
    Patch loaded... I am using 64
    I cant figure what buttons on the monome to trigger recording audio (go button) and how to advance sample slot.

    Also the 5-6 mods dont seem to work.

    Lastly, when recording audio in, the audio seems super slowed down....

    any help would be tremendous

  • u need to use ableton midi/key learn for the record functions, because those controls are not on the 64. (controls are explained in the readme)

    when u record audio in, the speed when you play back will depend on your row's octave setting, just as in any other mlr. if you set the octave correctly for whatever loop length you're recording, is it still super slowed down?

  • ok...
    so do I just load that midi/key amxd file and redux on different tracks.
    Then how does that midi/key work.

    sorry for so many questions...just want to get this rocking.

    Also yes, the samples play super slow. Im at 8 . they dont loop either.. it stops

  • and pattern record? 5-6 arent working for me. or maybe i am doing something wrong ....

  • @king no midi/key amxd file. just use ableton's midilearn button (or command+m) to midi-map go/next-buffer/previous-buffer to an external controller/midi-footswitch.
    or use your computer's keyboard (key-map with command+k).

  • @trppng good call .... now if I can just get pattern record to work for the 64...
    ugh.....killing me.... then im good...

  • 64 mode switch is in the setup tab. did u click that?

  • i should probably include an explanation of the midi.amxd in the readme. what it does is it recieves all your button presses from redux and it sends them out as midi. this can be recorded into an ableton track, then played back (output back into the midi.amxd) sort of like automation.

    you can use the midi.amxd to send the midi wherever u like, but the most obvious use is for recording/editing performances.

  • @elquinto yes I did click the 64 mode....sees my 64 perfectly...but ...
    :-) still no dice

  • everything functions as it should in 64 mode on my 256….

    idk if it matters but this app was developed in max 6 and in Live 9. are u using max 5/ live 8?

  • Live 9....and 6 BUT i updated my 6 and now its ace !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you for your patience....

    will tweet this out to the world

  • woah, here i am. welcome to now.

  • Got a new build up last night and there's a nifty new feature in there that should make workflow easier.

    Now when u drop a sample onto a row the octave setting will auto-adjust to account for the sample's length. It works well, although if your sample is a vastly different tempo than your ableton clock it might be less effective. Hopefully i can improve this over time.

  • Thank you .
    it's very easy to make set now.

  • Hello all,

    this is a short video I have done while playing with teh new features of redux (mainly the possibility of create recorded pattern with short loops...something not possible in teh original mlr).

    It has been filmed on iphone and through the macbook speakers but I hope it gives you the idea.
    This app is ace!!!

  • cool man, glad you're enjoying it. :)

  • i found a way to for redux to detect the color of your output tracks so that your group colors will match your track colors. (see screenshot)

    it doesn't look that good with the current color scheme though… open to suggestions. not 100% sure i'm going to implement this feature. what do u guys think?

  • Funny feature, looks nice,
    maybe some people could use that.
    I personally dont use it as my mlr-tracks are the same color (to distinguish between them and other tracks in live) and have a template set up so I always have the same rows assigned to the same groups.... Hell, I don't even want to look at the screen when playing.... and I rarely do....

    Nontheless it's a great feature. Reminds me of mlrv. Now make the steps overview in the floating window colored as well! :-D

  • I would like to use different colors for future updates.
    I chop 1 track to 4-5 samples and put 2 to 3 tracks for each groups and drums / effects for other groups so this will gives me more easier to find out where the samples are:)

  • here's a preview build with the interface changes if anyone wants to try it. let me know if u have ideas on how to improve it. just a rough draft, not final.

  • i spent some time this weekend doing a 0 quantization mode with variable length pattern recorders. i don't have a monome right now (out for repair), but i've been using redux w/ my padkontrol and everything works except i have no idea if the led feedback for the new pattern mode is working. can anyone help me test?

    patterns in 0 quant. mode- first press arms recording as usual, second press sets pattern end point and starts looping. third press clears.