maxforlive superpack /autofocus/smallbatch support

  • veeery nice, thx for sharing!

  • This is fantastic - thanks very much!

  • Fantastic and timely. I was just looking for some of these! many thanks!

  • gracias elquinto!

  • added zeroconf versions for pages users and all apps have been updated with autofocus, including redux. :)

  • added smallbatch and quadrants to the list// all apps now support auto-connect, autofocus and smallbatch.

  • did some digging into the monome sum source code and extracted a newer/better smallbatch than the beta on the wiki/forums.

    128step and press cafe got funky and now have a swing setting.

    edit- also added sum itself. reuploaded.

  • @elquinto you are on fire.

  • wow, thanks so much for this!

  • Is it possible to midi map controls on smallbatch and polygome?

  • currently, no. what controls did u have in mind? i haven't had as much luck with smallbatch as i had hoped… i get cracking sounds when i press the route key with most setups. just using autofocus for now.

  • I haven't tried to get the autofocus to work, I will tonight though. It would be really cool to have time/swing and transpose control over midi (the chord scale option that is, unless that's already possible). Thank you for putting all this together!

  • autofocus is on by default. just switch to a track with another app and your monome will automatically switch applications. what i do is midi map the track selects and i use touchosc to switch apps. pretty cool.

  • feel like making a meadowmachine port while you're working so hard?

  • crackling in smallbatch is likely caused by the UI being updated by presses on the grid.

    or perhaps .js is handled differently in m4l and is running high priority?? i found in max it would be low priority so i would always open it in runtime to give it a thread of its own.

    are you seeing cpu spikes when using the route key?

    of course smallbatch will still interact w m4l even if run in plain max or as a standalone. you sacrifice the midi control but gain audio thread independence

  • @galapagoose
    no cpu spikes. I'll try max runtime later and see how it goes. since youre here i should mention that the vertical split in smallbatch doesn't seem to work with any of these apps except sum. horiz split works perfectly though. it would be awesome to get that working.

    btw I saw something in the serialosc.maxpat yesterday that said something about changing the ports for m4l. Is there some advantage to doing that? because it seems to work fine with the standard ports...

  • actually i take that back, i seem to be having issues with smallbatch horizontal tiling too. (using a 256) on sum it works good though.

    i think what was causing the popping sounds with the smallbatch route key is the led-redraw in some of these apps- polygome256 was especially bad with the popping. added a 'defer' in there and now its all good.

  • @elquinto
    re: the ports, the reason to change them in max4live is so it can be run simultaneously to max. if they both try and use the same port, whichever was opened first will connect, but that latter won't be able to access the OSC port.

    re: vertical split, i was sure that was all working?! we tested extensively with 256 in both orientations. you mentioned you'd stripped smallbatch out of the sum project – are you sure you're opening that version of the file?

    this could be something like messages being dropped due to an overflowed buffer. maybe from a full 256 /led messages rather than frames or cols. what is the actual behaviour you're experiencing and is it particular apps?

  • ports- that makes sense because smallbatch in max runtime wouldn't see any of my m4l apps until i changed the ports in the smallbatch sosc.maxpat.

    i cleared all my max filepaths except the monome_sum folder, then i copy/pasted directly from sum into a fresh audio device. should be ok?

    vert *and horiz tiling issues. i was trying press cafe and straw vert. split with other apps. i get lots of stuck leds in press cafe and straw i only get led feedback on the first column. the other apps had issues too, like in obo (vert split on the right) the playhead led would go from last 8 pads on top row to first 8, 9th row. i thought horiz was working, but then when i switched out of split to another app, their led feedback would be broken. for ex. now all leds in press cafe get stuck even without ever splitting.

    i get some wonky led feedback in a couple modes in quadrants too. the ones where one side is vertically split and the other side is 2 64's on top of eachother. nothing works with those setups for some reason. crazy led feedback.

    ps. i found there's a gomeizer in sum! that is so cool! why is it hidden away?

  • hey,thank you for ALL those conversions.
    Can I ask for a version of Parc?

  • wanted to, but i hear theres going to be a parc rewrite. still thinking about it.

  • errrr.. i think white whale was more or less the parc 'rewrite'?! maybe brian has other plans i'm not aware of there though...

    i think parc would be a great max4live plugin - it just needs a better screen UI, as the grid stuff is all great already!

  • +1 for parc m4l

  • +1 +1 for parc m4l (or white whale equivalent)

  • one problem with parc in max for live though is midi channels. live has no way (afaik) to have an m4l device output multiple channels of midi then route to separate tracks. the only thing i could think of would be to create separate midi receiver devices, but that doesn't seem like a very good solution. still trying to think of a better way…. some other apps i decided not to port for this same reason. (flin for ex.)

  • hmmmm, m4l mlr & your redux work just fine with (audio)receiver devices to distribute the output to different channels.
    Would love to see a ww/parc mod (preferably with one row of buttons dedicated to storing/triggering presets) with the ablility to output midi to different channels.

  • its more complicated for midi. this is the thing, the midi receiver device needs to be routed to another track to be recorded. (same thing goes for any midi app in this package. you'll need to route it to another track if u want to record the midi.) this is because live only records midi from what you have selected in your midi in for a track (or what you are sending to it). so to have 4 midi satellite devices means you would need 8 total tracks and routing all that would be a pain. i still need to delve into the live api stuff/LOM and see what all is possible.

  • same with audio.
    still no problem. i do the same with mlr/redux.
    set up 4 aux tracks (group them and minimize the group if you'r bothered with having extra tracks on your set) which contain the mlr-multi-output-devices and routed them to 4 tracks i use for recording / effects-manipulation,...

    Once set up, saved as a live set, you're ready to go.

  • Oh yeah you're right same with audio.

    You can also drag the group into your live browser and save it as a preset to make it easier. I do that with my mlr outputs.

  • did a rough port of parc this morning to see how it would work. its now included in the pack. i have to send my 256 to brian on monday for a minor repair, so i won't be able to work on this (or the redux mod) for a little while after that. let me know how it goes or if i broke anything.

  • Downloading now. Will let u know how it's working....

  • at work today.I just tried it quickly,and everything seems to be ok.
    Thank you.
    Is there a thread explaining the process of the conversions?

  • if your monome wasn't auto-connecting when loading these patches, please re-download. i noticed an issue and its now fixed. apparently they might have been auto connecting to my monome only….

    converting to m4l is surprisingly simple. most of it is just copy/paste then adding the autoconnect/autofocus/led-redraw stuff. if the app is tempo based there's a little more work to get it to sync with live. if u like, you can open up one of these apps, check out the sync/time part of the patch and compare to the original to see how i did it. if the app is audio based, the dac object needs to be replaced with plugout~ (and use plugin~ for audio in)

  • this is such a great things.
    i didn't have chance to use them before because of my crash issue but i can use them and i like these apps.:)
    thank you for making this happen.

  • @elquinto great work! I'm massively grateful, tight integration with ableton & many of these apps is something I've wanted for quite some time.

    Now to my questions - is there any way of getting the presets to work in sum (both the main presets and also for the step sound editor)? Also, if this is a possibility is there a way to save my own presets? The ability to save presets was something I never could quit work out in the regular sum.

    Lastly, does the mlr in sum work for anyone else? It doesn't appear to work for me, even if I place my own samples in.

  • Mlr doesn't work in the sum device because of the xsample externals. For whatever reason m4l isn't loading them, but they're in there... Don't know what's going on, but u can use the redux mlr with sum instead and it works really well.

    I haven't tried saving presets yet, but it should be the same as the standalone sum. I'll try it when i get the chance. The sum device is pretty experimental for now.... There's this issue where if u load sum after u load smallbatch, the app dropdowns in smallbatch get populated with tons of duplicates. I left a note in there so u guys would know to load sum first, but still need to get that fixed...

  • just want to say there's a couple more things this package really needs- support for multiple instances (currently only obo and trails do) and midi-mappable controls for each app, or the ones that need it at least. its a very easy update, but would be an incredible amount of work for me to do every one….

    i don't know how i'm ever going to do that on my own, so if anyone with a little max experience wants to chip in and help update an app, i can explain the whole process. i'd really like to make this a community effort if anyone is up for it. :)

  • hi elquinto and thanks again for this package.
    i finally had a go with parc - so nice to have that integrated in live.

    now there's just one app I'm missing:
    any chance of a grainstorm port?

  • hm..I dont have an arc and not really interested in porting apps i'd never use, sry. probably better someone else did that one.

  • Elquinto, thanks for the effort ... really nice to have all these M4L ports! Been trying to set em up with smallbatch lately. the apps seem to connect but the visual feedback is limited to column 0 (i.e. the rest of the grid stays dark, key presses are being registered though). Also, in another patch I'm working on there's no visual feedback at all ... any idea what's going on? Would love to start using smallbatch as my default spanner/splitter - still some things that seem to be broken (for me at least). Any special steps I need to take when patching, with future use of smallbatch in mind?

  • i'm not sure, but i don't think it's anything i caused. smallbatch never left beta, so there's bound to be some bugs. i've had some issues with splitting apps on my 256, other than that it worked for me… i haven't used it much though, i've been pretty busy.

  • Thanks so much for porting these. I'm new to this and this helped me finally start using these wonderful apps.

  • final bump for those that missed it!

  • This is really awesome and pretty much exclusively how I use my monome these days! m4l and parc is a game changer for me. Any ideas on how to have Live save parc info without having to write to a separate file? I see that you managed to do it for re:mix. The way it works now is fine but sometimes I forget to save in parc before saving and closing my live project.

    Let's take this thread over to lines as well! I'll have to open up one of your ports to see how you did it. Would love to port the monome_midi_128 app with led feedback which seem like it should be pretty simple.

  • @megameng
    if u copy/paste monome_midi128 into a blank m4l midi device it should work / no modifications necessary.

  • u still need to save set file in re:mix. when u save your live set, it just stores the filepath of the most recently saved/loaded set file so it can automatically load.

  • I cannot thank you enough for this porting!