Using mlrv: Can you save a set?

  • Hi all -- I've been having so much fun with Mlrv, but been wondering if it'd be possible to save an entire set with files loaded and everything. I know you can save presets. Hopefully someone can help. Thanks!

  • you can save your files when you click 'save' next to 'store new'.

    (I don't use mlrv so I'm not sure if you can save mapping and etc though.)

  • Interesting -- so if you have a set that is all loaded a perfect, you can open that saved file and all the files will be loaded again just how you left them?

  • that's how it works with mlr_redux which i'm using .(great mlr app to me !)
    i think mlrv works same way.(hopefully;)

    you need to store presets then save it to json file.
    then you can load it .

  • that's the idea. it's 'performance' software!

  •'s definitely the little things in life. So...I've been compiling these hip-hop sets, loading samples, playing with the volumes, pitch, the works...and wondering why the files I saved wouldn't load the files. I was missing the "STORE NEW" step.


  • You're welcome:)