your favorite non-monome apps?

  • hi all,

    i use non-monome apps i discovered via this forum a lot, like gleetchlab3, density and ripple (supercollider).
    i wonder which apps you guys use and recommend?


  • density is cool. the other devices from amazing noises are really good too. i'd also recommend checking out the devices sbx has made. some gems there.

  • i'm a big dummy and downloaded ripple but never figured it out...i wanna hear some of the results of your efforts!

    as far as what i use occasionally: aalto, hsu002 and some ios stuff

  • i really like granulatorII.

  • thanks for the tips! granulatorll and hsu002 look interesting..

    i recommend listening to morgan packard, the maker of ripple. i think he uses ripple in his musical explorations..
    i use the ripplesampler and ripplepulse to discover some interesting rythms/structures.. just load a sample and play with all the parameters, rand, plugins..

  • revisted and didnt even take ten minutes to get some interesting vibes going

    thanks for reminding me about the app @nuun!
    i dont know what happened the first time i tried it (mabye i didnt feel like controlling with a mouse?)

  • @nuun about ripple, I've found this:

    How can I use it?

  • @abozelli
    seems like morgan has deleted the ripple project from his website.. maybe email him? or otherwhise i can email you the app..

  • thanks anyway, found with but won't start…I think is no more supported/developed

  • Numerology...what a deep app, at some point people were looking to control it with a monome, did that ever pan out?

  • Numerology is awesome. Good call, will check.. But I think a colored grid is better suited here, as my experience with the LP tells me.. There is just too much info to show I think.. I guess varibright could work

  • I got numerology in a palmsounds giveaway, but don't have an ipad, only iphone. :(

    alexander zolotov (nightradio) has some really amazing apps. completely free on mac/pc.

  • "Find out what makes people tick" ha!
    We're talking about though.