calling bay area and/or namm-going arc owners (don't worry, not trying to buy) - pm me

  • hey all - my friend and I have started a company and are debuting a module at the namm show in january at the muff wiggler booth (#1371). we are hoping to produce a short and not overly-ambitious promotional video or two using an arc, which we do not have. we've committed to debuting our work there and then, so i cannot spill the beans here and now.

    we'll be up in the bay all the way up to when we have to drive down to the show. if you are willing and able to meet up and help out for a few hours (maybe even just a few minutes) in the east bay or during the namm show, please message me. we can pay in alcohol and ...hugs, i guess, and would genuinely love to meet you. it would be a fun afternoon of painfully cool music technology fun.

    we would buy one, but suffice it to say that we're all-in in every sense when it comes to this module.

    sam botstein

  • You made a module that works with the Arc!!!???
    If so, I am also IN!

  • this is great news

  • I just really hope that this is the case, though it was not explicitly stated...
    @botstein might just want a bunch of Arcs sitting AROUND his new product for the "cool factor" ;-)

  • shh! i'm not supposed to reveal anything at all! i'm glad you guys are excited.

    however, rich and i are not the types to do anything just for the "cool factor."

    so, without explicitly stating anything, i'll let you make your own deductions.

    @laborcamp @gli

  • pm'd you @botstein

    but i dont mind saying can borrow mine
    email [qiplushop] at gmail if that's easier for you

  • I have an original arc 4 in sf... ping me when you are in town. Not heading south for NAMM

  • OK, now am really excited!...

  • nah

    not yet at least
    might visit next year cause i have buddies in oakland

  • @rajatheresidentposer the site will be but it isn't up just yet as we're waiting on graphics. we haven't announced anything other than our presence at the muff's booth at namm anyway, but will of course announce everything online on the first day of the show as well. rich can be found on social media @djhardrich but as far as i know he still doesn't have accounts here or on muff's.

  • i would likely start a another fucking stupid euro system for the right arc module.

  • THANK YOU to everyone who offered to lend me an arc!

    Extra special public thank you to Brian for letting me borrow your arc for a while, on top of everything else over the years!