earthsea for aleph?

  • is it going to be made?

  • in short-- no, not by me. earthsea uses more cpu and flash than ww/mp, so it wouldn't port into bees very well. it'd need to be a standalone aleph app, which would not be as interesting, unless there was a DSP component built into it, which is a large project, for which we don't have time unfortunately.

    earthsea is open source, also!

  • its in C, right?

    i want to compare each version of MP + WW to see how the code differs...that may shed light on how a barebones earthsea port could work

  • it's not a great comparison because WW/MP are bees operators, ES would need to be a standalone app really. or a massively stripped down version as an op.

  • ah yeah

    when i glanced i realized that