MlrV presets system is buggy

  • I have been struggling with this for a while, and kept loosing my stuff or messing things up. First I thought I was doing something wrong but I found that I can reproduce consistently. The app seems quite advanced and clearly a lot of development effort went into it, but without a way to reliably save my setup I wonder how I'm going to use this for anything serious.

    This video is from version 2.3, but the same behavior continues in 2.5.

    In addition to the video I noticed that the speed settings aren't stored properly. I've put it in the google issue list.

    The speed not storing is not the worst, since I can manually correct that and it's not such a big deal. But often the presets stored show up double in the list like you see on the video, and then it becomes a real mess and I don't know how to fix things. I'm not completely sure this still happens in 2.5, since I don't know the steps to reproduce it.

    I'm wondering if anyone is using mrlv frequently and maybe has some tips on how to work around these issues?

  • haven't experienced this bug, will have to check again if it's the same here, but for me midi-mappings are not stored in presets. Is it just me or anyone else?

  • i have the same speed storing issue. I'm using latest version of mlrv as well

  • i've never used mlr in any serious stuff because i've encounter many problems like this. Might be user errors, my computer or anything else, though.

  • I also have the speed issue, not mapping, though. Is everyone using Max 5? I hear it works better in that environment.

  • Have you tried this one?
    I had a lot of issue with my setup with mlr but this one is pretty stable and have lot of great features:)

  • Yeah, redux really is the best mlr app so far!

  • Thanks for all the comments. I'll give redux a try!

  • Does redux run via Ableton? I ask because I don't see a maxpat file.

  • yes, it's an m4l device.

  • which can thus be opened in Max7 i believe

  • Yes, but isn't this meant to be to edit m4l patches? (opposed to running them in max7)
    or: how will the binding to live's transport etc. react? is there a wrapper or does *nothing* happen if there is no live transport? (I guess the latter?)

  • Hi! -- I just opened mlr in Max7. The interface comes up and it "seems" to work. Meaning, I can hit the button "setup" and the option to connect my monome comes up. However, I can't actually connect as the button is not enabled.

    Has anyone actually gotten this to sucessful work in Max7?