vid: trilogy december

  • seriously now

  • Time to shut up shop, people. Tehn just won the internetz.

  • Very cool!
    Also: love the light in that video... :-)

  • Is this video also a tease for a new module that connects the previous modules together with clock? Towards the end of the video it looks like he is adjusting the clock on the WW but the monome is plugged into another module and appears the clock rate is changing? If so, can't wait!

  • we have more coming, but at the end i am in fact just slowing down the clock of one of the WW modules (there are two here). you can adjust clocks without having the grid plugged in.

    this video was really just a chance capture after a short exploration, trying to show some musical possibilities without being explicitly demo-y about it.

  • Good deal and thanks for the explanation! Still looking forward to what is next in the monome modular universe ;)

  • yes... the clock for earthsea.
    I like how easy it is to chain clocks for WE and MP, so wish that there was a similar in/out for clock on the ES.
    If there is some forthcoming clock connection planned how would this happen? There does not seem to be any pins on the back that can facilitate direct connection?... Maybe through the case buss-board? It IS a very underutilized part of euro format.
    OR perhaps the monome modules are not using all the pins on the power cable, so a special ribbon cable that chains them, and then is plugged into the case can facilitate that iterconnectedness?
    Just thinking out loud :-)

  • Maybe a module like a USB hub that the other modules plug into as well as the monome, then you can select from there which module you are controlling with the monome? Just thinking out loud too ;)

  • the i2c pins are broken out on all modules, so the potential for auxiliary functionality of any kind is fully possible. we're considering some options right now but hesitate to make promises.

  • ... it's fun to speculate in anticipation :-)