new monome grid kit

  • for button corners, the problem is the keypad is touching the LED, which means there's too much solder on those LEDs. just wick some off and it'll be fine.

    no tilt on these new models, which is partially why we can offer them at a lower cost. we discontinued tilt in 2013.

  • ah, then i suggest adding this to comparison page: (there's no information about devices after 2012)

  • updated!

  • Two and half hours christmas solderingtime together with a monome kit.

    640 x 480 - 40K
  • So if I order white LEDs for the kit they will be variable brightness?

  • tehn,

    Are there any of the grid kits still available with leds?

  • creo que no

  • yes indeed. we have one set of white left and a few orange.

  • Just received my package. Really can't believe how small this is compared to my mk128. Not much bigger than a small book. Can't wait to get the time to sit and solder and get this running!

  • Friend of mine brought me two kits from the US, finished them in about 5 hr, pretty straight forward, a panavise holder and a magnifying lamp were both very handy. They are amazing and feel great! i left mine like that, i like the feeling and look, but my friend wanted an enclosure, was pretty easy too, i used the same router i used for my P Bass build pickups and a piece of hard maple, still pretty thin (1cm base) if anyone wants help with that drop me a line.
    Thanks Tehn Galapagoose and everybody else! glad to became part of the community!