Monome 64 in solid walnut slab for sale!

  • This was gonna be a project for me to take on but I never got to it.
    It's a working 64grid (believe it is technically a 40h?) that is ready to go but the encoders do not work. Everything is in the exact condition as when it was received / purchased from the monome yard sale here on the site a while back. With that said the faceplate is not sealed but does stay unless fully flipped upside down. The crack in the wood was exactly the same since the day it arrived.

    I will be taking offers around 250 plus shipping before sending it to eBay. Please feel free to email me at

  • crazy to see this again.

    the encoders will work if you don't run serialosc. you'll need to do a custom max patch as the protocol isn't supported.

    those knobs were really expensive.

  • It functions just like a 64 when using serialosc but I spend so much less time with my devices and even less time not musing serialosc! This could be an amazing project for a talented max patch master ; )