Purchasing advice!

  • Hi there all, I'm Chris Lashley and I'm a student loving the magic behind midi controllers such as the arch and Grid.
    I don't need a large grid. I'd love to get a 64 walnut grid and a duo arch, but from what I can see there are no arches to be found. I'm willing to pay the proper price for these used, but I'd really just like to get a good deal on new stuff. I just found out that I have a great teacher willing to help me with programming and exploring Max live and ableton. Please help, any advice is useful advice.

  • New equipment is only available from monome.org

    Arc 2's are $500
    64's are $500

    They are released rarely and usually sell out pretty quickly. I don't think there are any available now. Sales don't happen.

    I would advise buying used, as there are people that come and post on this forum that are trying to sell. These devices don't really break unless they're mistreated, so there's not much downside to buying used. I would think that anything $400 or lower for either item is a good deal.

  • Also, there are different editions of the Grids and Arcs that have different features, so be sure to know what you want.

  • Thank you Yorke!
    So this equipment is made once demand reaches a certain point? I thought maybe they were made to order and you can just buy them. I know there are different aesthetic characteristics between newer and older arches and grids. Does anyone have a link or something to the differences between the smaller grids and the different arc 2's?

  • You might be waiting a while if you absolutely have to have new. Arcs show up every now and then in this community's trade section, and various 64s are usually available.

  • "New equipment is only available from monome.org"
    Not true anymore, they gave distribution to a few shops, see devices/order. BUt yes, currently all devices are out of stock.
    Be aware that newer edition monomes have the ability to show different brightness per LED, which in some apps lead to richer information on the grid (contrary to just on/off), or at least some additional eye candy is possible.
    Otherwise, what has been said above. And if you don't mind soldering a bit, a 128 kit is available for 500$ (directly from monome this time)

  • Arches =/= Arc

    Arches reminds me of a certain fast food joint, Monome makes Arcs

    I would recommend a 128 grid, love the 64 but the new Eurorack Modules and Aleph apps lean heavily on 8x16 format. Highly recommend the gridkit if you know how to solder.

  • Hey Chris - there's a good list of 2nd hand things for sale here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjIm8lhtnkoCdFhOV0x5WFBpdm45MXhNekJMVTZXSmc#gid=2 - also where are you based; if there's someone nearby they may be able to help you out.

  • I'm based out of Oklahoma. Thank you all for your help!
    A 128 grid is honestly just too big for me to carry around. I'm needing something I can through in my back pack I'll be getting very familiar with midi mapping this semester, mainly in max, but I'd like something that won't hinder me by not being up to date. How often do new products pop up in the community? I'm needing to purchase this relatively soon. Definitely within the month.

    Arc, my bad :P

    Keep in mind I'm still pretty new to all this.

  • If you are not afraid of soldering I would go with the kit, it's really not that hard to build if you have a steady hand, a decent soldering iron and a pair of tweezers.

  • If you're on a budget you might wanna consider a launchpad mini and program your apps with midi (in max). Not the same (monome talks OSC, a different protocol) But it costs 100 bucks, you can throw it in your backpack and program it in 3 or 4 colors, heard the buttons are pretty reasonable too. (Not monome apps compatible out of the box, but you seem to want to program something yourself. It could also act as a monome with emulation software, but that's not a very good idea..) Just to throw in another option.

  • man, those 128 kits are a piece of art giving the user a chance to work some art, too. the combination is beautiful.

  • i have a 64 with a case made by a fellow member. it is in excellent working order and really good physical condition. i am willing to accept offers on this as well


    you can email me direct companyofquail at gmail dot com or call/text 423 340 0202

  • the 128s are smaller in real life than they might look from pics/vids online- a 128 is the size of a wireless mac keyboard, super easy to throw in a backpack (and the kits are only an inch thick, less bulky without the walnut case). you'll be able to do a lot more with one than a 64, and the kit's only 500 new and available now - even if you aren't a strong solderer it's a great chance to become one. I went with orange leds (to match my arc) but you could get different colors so you could make yours unique and awesome (I actually tried to find purple leds, thought that would look badass but couldn't find any bright enough to match the recommended specs).

    the other thing nice about a 128 is it looks at home next to either an arc2 or an arc4. and you can guarantee that you have the latest version (variable brightness). food for thought.

    echoing 100p's sentiment of other options, if you have an ipad there are apps you might look at also - although a little pricey (for an app - I think it's $40), the Lemur app is pretty sweet. it lets you completely customize your interaction surface, run scripts, and use other controller objects, some involving physics, and manages midi and osc messages. TouchOSC is a cheaper similar app that's not as deep. and I haven't played with c74 in a while but it links iphone/ipad to max and was recently upgraded to allow dynamically controlled layout.

  • A little bird tells me that a fully assembled, cheaper, slimmer 128 with new LED color and casing material is coming very soon... :o)