new grid.

  • beautiful.

  • Wow! Such a beautiful piece. Can't wait to get my hands on one.

  • aaaaaahhhhhhh so happy i can finally talk about this weapon of an object!

  • ughh

    please make many

  • Absolutely in love. Will jump on it as soon as it's released.

    Brian, should we hold our breath for a 64 and/or 256 and/or 512 in this style later this year or next year? What about Arcs?

  • A 256 would look awesome. I'm assuming only new 128s are being produced for right now? Can't wait to see the video and some details. I'm assuming the new 128s will be as same on the inside as the last release of 128s, just a new exterior right?

  • beautiful piece. still love my walnut 128 :-)

  • Beautiful. Hoping you'll sell the case for my Gridkit.

  • matching arc?

  • I'm curious which one of "one tiny, one huge, one gestural, one stompy, one which will certainly provoke controversy" this 128 is...

    I think we can safely rule out stompy.

  • looks amazing...

  • "gestural" was Earthsea, no?

  • Keen price!!!

  • would love to be able to buy that enclosure for my grid kit as well :)

  • @rajatheresidentposer - you might have hit on something there. Perhaps the controversy is a solid gold 128. Edition of 19. Plus one for tehn, of course.

  • Controversy will erupt when we find out that those beautiful, soft buttons are really made from specially treated hide of baby pandas... that's right: little baby pandas.

  • Looks great. I'm in serious trouble if a 64 is announced as well.

  • Awsome! What material is it made of?

  • Sexy.

    On the Arc front, I can't imagine they'd fit one into something that height, and I can't imagine Brian producing something that didn't match!

    Three Grids for the EDM-kings under the sky,
    Seven for the hipster-lords in their halls of stone,
    Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
    One 512 for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
    In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
    One Grid to rule them all, One Grid to find them,
    One Grid to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
    In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie."

  • the new enclosure is milled aluminum, dark anodized. it works very well with the warm white LED.

    the circuit is actually slightly different-- we had to move the usb jack to the top and change the programming header. also the plate is different-- it was a routed section to fit the jack. also one of the keypads gets manually modified. in short, we will not be selling these enclosures, as they will not fit the grid kit. even so, the grid kit is insanely thin as well.

    we have many other projects to finish before we consider other grid sizes or arcs. as i've said before, we've very focused on the 128 form factor for the moment.

    looking forward to showing you all the packaging for this thing.

    if any of you missed it, price is $700. shipping next week.

  • looks nice. u should shoot a pic of it next to an original walnut to get a better sense of the size difference.

  • there was a moment last weekend where it was sitting atop a 512 and looked quite outrageously tiny... maybe @peterflat instagram'd it??

  • No such luck, but there is a cool video of it in action:

  • love the video

    y do the leds look yellow?

  • somebody id that grid of encoders/knobs...a mixer? new device?

  • @gli - monome switch? check out the video description on vimeo...

  • it's difficult for video to represent color with LEDs. the dimmed state does look slightly yellow. broadly i'd call these white.

    knob box is a home-made teensy-based cc controller with a 128 form factor.

  • switch is a a 4hp ext5v with two usb ports and a switch. if you prefer not to replug, or if your plug is really far away, like on the computer.

  • warm white leds are like having f.lux ( for your grid.

  • When can we place orders for these tehn? Beautiful stuff as always!

  • sorry to gear spy before acknowledging the beauty of the song!

    what app/params is it controlling @tehn? mlrv?

  • "initially the grid is controlling meadowphysics (scattered cross-influenced clocks) and then white whale (tone and trigger sequences). using the switch, focus is moved to the macbook where mlr is running. output from the modular is sampled, transposed, and looped in many layers." from the vimeo notes...

  • It's so beautiful..

  • Does two tone refer to the aluminum? Or to two different LED levels for vari-brightness?

  • beautiful sound and new grid

  • Can't see the video on Ipad - they just don't appear in the thread - anyone know if this is a settings issue?

  • Yeah the widget should be universal, I think the site tells it to be flash (?)

  • @oldanalogger video is also on the frontpage.

  • If the bottom is made of aluminium, what keeps it from sliding around on the surface of which it is placed? Looks beautiful by the way.

  • it is a beautiful little creature! about as thick as the op-1? win!

  • custom recessed low profile rubber feet.

  • "custom" is a joke, because we make these with an arch punch and big mallet.

  • @tehn isn't that artisanal?