monome switch

  • this is actually a little boring, i apologize.

    mostly, it's a fantastic power solution. rather than the ext5v dongle hanging in a cable mess, this is mounted in a 4hp module with all sorts of added power protection (so you won't have to worry about using the wrong adapter, which will *surely* fry your grid with the ext5v).

    also on there is a physical switch between two USB ports-- so you can rapid toggle between multiple modules. to me what's most interesting about this is having one hooked up to a computer which is too far away for physical hot-swapping (which i think works perfectly for close-quartered modules.) i used this in the new grid video.

    anyway, photos and desciption:



  • also-- respect to @c1t1zen who prototyped a USB switch before we even decided it was a good idea!

  • what's the scenario for blowing up grids? reverse polarity adapters? i blew up a €300 pedal last night by plugging in a reverse polarity synth adapter :(

  • reverse polarity or overvoltage will probably blow up a grid.

    switch makes both these situations impossible.

  • Semms like it will be useful.

    Anyone intersted in barely used ext5v ?

  • nice

    not to beat a dead horse but something like this without the switch is exactly what I was imagining would let you use a 256 - one usb out for top and bottom half of 256

  • nice, useful module. thanks!

  • AWESOME! The idea of switching between PC and Euro hadn't even occurred to me when I built the prototype to show you guys. Glad to see it realized!

    Also I can add, switching is really fast for two Euro-monome modules. I use it constantly to bounce between two White Whales while composing.

    I hope to have some of my own euro-module designs to share with you guys this year!

  • Also voting this cheapest active euro module on the market!
    40 clams? damn

  • Yes, pleasantly surprised by the affordable price!

    (of course I feel that the price of the ext5v, which will now lay useless, is somehow part of it :-)

  • $40 means we REALLY want people to use this and stop blowing up their modules / grids... hah!

  • @galapagoose are you saying that the switch module is somehow "safer" than using the ext5v?

    In other words: in terms of protecting the grid/system is there any advantage of using the switch module over ext5v?

  • Reverse polarity protection. Just make sure you know what adapter you are using with the ext5v and you'll be fine.

  • Ha. I blew up a strymon el cap 2 nights ago not doing just that :(

  • elegant solution.

  • it also has overvoltage protection. you use a 9-24v. ext5v needs *exactly* a 5v adapter, and putting a 9v in there would be bad for the grid.

  • if you're conscious when using the ext5v it works great.

  • you definitely don't want to be unconscious, that's for sure.

  • So, when used with the adapter that it came with, ext5V is just as safe...

  • absolutely. switch is just ergonomics.

  • mostly speaking from personal experience. i've very nearly plugged my aleph power supply into the ext5v a number of times...

  • dumb question - if I drop $120 on three of these, could I switch my grid between the three grid modules and my own Emperor module? i.e. can they be chained?

  • looking at the schematic it should work so long as you only plug the power into the switch where your grid is attached.

    the switching mechanism would likely be quite confusing though and i can't say for sure whether the extra cables would cause any signal degradation for the 3rd and 4th module.

    might i suggest using a single switch and then repatching the non-selected port to the new destination, then hitting the switch. honestly, hot-swapping the usb cables is not a big deal after you've done it 10 times and it becomes as intuitive as patching 3.5mm jacks!

  • should I presume that all the retailers listed as carrying monome modular gear have at least received the switches (and perhaps not yet updated their website[s])? or are only certain retailers stocking them for now? I'm looking at analogue haven in LA, of course I can also contact them to see, but thought I'd ask. I don't mind ordering from somewhere else, they're just the closest.

    btw @botstein I had thought about using 2 switches - one to switch between computer / rack, and then a second to switch between rack modules (I only have 2 for now), but then decided I only need one - similar to what galapagoose said, why should I be bothered by having to unplug / plug in cables on a format where that very action is part of the creative process? so long as it's only on the rack - but switching between computer and rack, now that's a pain. with the computer / rack switch setup, the chord from grid to rack is never disturbed, the chord from computer to rack is never disturbed, and the only USB getting 'patched' is on the rack. that is good enough for me (and more rack space for more interesting fun stuff)!

  • analog haven hasn't completed their order. the other retailers should all have them.

  • I did not get the switch (yet) but am curious:

    anyone has a good source for really short USB cables?

  • My Switch came with 2 short USB cables so possibly @tehn can give you his source? By the way the Switch works great and the 2015 Monome has been a joy to use!


    seems like a scam but they were the only place i could find that had 1'

  • Strange thing happening with the switch. Using a grayscale 128, it takes up to 3 seconds to switch the grid between the modules. Additionally, the clock pauses when switching - when using one of the modules as a master clock, it throws everything off. Any ideas what could be causing this?

  • here my switch works ok switching between ww and monome sum / but i have to reconnect it all times on monome sum? so is it a problem with monome sum? cant monome sum recconect to grid automatically?

  • are you using the most recent version? it should reconnect.

  • @bumply that is not so good... especially the clock issues.

  • i just tried with monome_test_6 and it isnt automatically connected also... last monome_sum, just retried and also loose connection switching with monome switch... using here windows 7 ultimate, max 7.

  • i'll have to test this on windows, it's unexpected.

  • tried here on mac / monome switch working ok with monome_sum!
    why it doesnt automatically reconnect on windows? :(

  • needs some debugging! thanks for the double-check.