new grid.

  • Thanks @tehn - great video - really nice design - amazing to see the progression - my old 40h still looks fine though - maybe collectable one day ;-)
    So unibody and maybe SpaceGray? Keep up the good work!

  • @kinetic monkey

    If you only knew the power of the Dark Side....

    3302 x 2477 - 2M
  • um, you've got some dead LEDs there, mate.

  • we ship wednesday. direct order links are up. retailers order links will be going up rapidly as well.

  • Just ordered one. So frigging pumped to open the box and play with this magical gift from the gods.

  • @tehn very nice, i figured it would have to have something as you described. thanks!

  • @spqr6510
    inverting on/off states on your 512? nice idea! i've got to try that...

  • ordered! now i'm going to have enough room in my backpack for my 128 plus my PO-12, PO-14, and PO-16!!!

  • Very nice new design, well done @tehn / monome team.

  • whoa, there was a shipping calc error for intl shipping. we just fixed it. intl orders refunded partially.

    in case you're overseas and were freaked out by the huge ship price, sorry!

  • a heads up that our small batch of direct sales has sold out, but we'll be getting more components the following week. orders placed now will be shipped first week of february.

    thank you for your continued support!

  • @kinetic monkey.. yeah the pic was from a while ago :)

    @ elquinto I think my life is inverted hehe

    damn i may have to downgrade a 256 to one of these new 128's!!!