soon to be old- redux

  • Trying to sketch out a new idea- an integrated clip launcher page, where something like holding a pad corresponding to an audio clip in ableton, then pressing a scene launch pad would load the clip to that row in redux. I've been wanting an m4l monome clip launcher for a while, i think why not build it into redux... Any ideas or suggestions on how this might work best?

  • How about this:
    We already have this multi-out satelite devices.
    You have to put them on a track and - for recording - route them to another track in live. So the track with these devices can't be used for anything else. If you could now use these tracks (with these satelite devices) as 'clip pools' to store clips, these tracks would be usefult, too.

    -> Cliplauncher could be restricted to these satelite-device's tracks.

    -> multi out devices should have a 'pass audio through' option in order to use the clips on these live tracks and could act as a switcher/sidechained-gate: they pass audio throu whenever there's no signal from redux. When a clip is loaded into redux playing back that redux group would mute the corresponding live-track's clip.

    -> Doing so you would just need one 'import playing clips' button on the mlr-page, therefor you'll have your whole clip launcher page for launching clips.

    -> Besides that people like me who own a launchpad or use pages/another-clip-launching-app wouldn't have to access the cliplauncher-page at all.

    Just my 2cents, but I really like the idea of having the ability to import clips from live's session view with the press of a button.
    This would make redux an extremely powerful remix/dj- tool.

  • PS: In multi-out-mode the top row mod1/mod2+group-buttons for volume control could be used to load the playing clip from the corresponding live-track.
    Who needs volume control (on the grid)when you have redux's channels routed to different live tracks and can control these track's volume inside live with a midicontroller? (At least I don't...)

  • thx for the ideas. i want to do a m4l clip launcher mainly because i've been having a lot of bonjour issues and problems with my monome device name changing to "monome i2c". both of which have made using pages really frustrating. So if i do this i'd want it to be a full blown clip launcher.

    Regarding volume control, I actually use the volume/mute mods all the time, but i could see how they'd be pretty useless if u use a second controller.

  • sneak peek- v1.21 nearly complete.

  • it looks like a m4lmlrv ?!!! can we zoom/select part in the wave form ?

  • Amazing! Can't wait for the update.

  • does having mlr running inside m4l offer any benefit to using via rewire? like cpu usage etc?

  • you have a stable clock (not like the 'drifting rewired mlr slaved to live thing'),

    also being able to route ableton instruments into mlr without having to use soundflower/jack is pretty cool.

    oh, did i mention midi-mapping of nearly any button is now possible and very easy using live's midi learn?

    (and hopefully the upcoming feature of using redux as a clip-launcher will enable you to load clips directly from live into mlr with the push of a button.)

  • and you have a bigger buffer for recording into mlr.

  • @pekopeko
    u get access to the live api with m4l, so this mlr can control the sends/macros on each of your group output tracks (w/per-row send/macro settings)

    Also i put together a huge pack of m4l ports, so now i can have good sync between all my apps, easy app switching with track autofocus, and its very easy to sample any app directly into mlr. Its a dream come true for me.

  • This is exciting! Not to get too ambitious but will it work with mesh?

  • I finally upgraded to Live 9 and picked up a Push so looking to get back into things M4L style.

  • great elquinto!!
    thanks so much for your effort on porting everything for pages compatibility as well ;)

  • I hope it makes your insane pages setups easier pauk! :)

    ok, there must be a way to switch to an MLR view with push. Please....

  • @elquinto
    I really appreciate your hard work.:)
    You can use gridlock to use monome apps with push or launchpad but it works with zeroconf version though.
    (Maybe there is a way to use it with out zeroconf version.)

  • would you be able to quickly switch between clips and mlr with gridlock? problem might be I already have user mode set up with pxt

  • You can switch between mlr to clips by pressing user button on push.:)
    I'm not sure if you can use pxt features at the same time .

    looks like gridlock is taking over user mode from pxt .

  • Eventually i want to add a built-in clip launcher page, where u could use mlr's pattern recorders to record/playback clip launching. some way to load clips to rows in mlr from that page would be cool too.

  • Bump...

    Eventually it look good as it seems to be : an m4lmlrv. The promise of a built-in clip launcher is a wonderful option but the m4lmlrv... I want it now ! @elquinto : do you have a gamma realise ?

  • I never said it was a m4lmlrv, so don't set your expectations too high ;)

  • has anyone made a setup tutorial / video? i'm having trouble getting the multichannel outputs mode working... concise setup instructions would be really appreciated.

    i'm coming from using mlr in max runtime with rewire to ableton... but that was a couple versions of max & os x ago... nothing seems to be working as reliably as it did a few years ago :/

  • are u using 1.21preview3? it's multi-channel only, so just load the output.amxd's onto some audio tracks and that's it.

  • oooooh! i didn't know i had to drop the output.amxd on a track to get audio.

    makes so much sense now.


  • When will this likely be available @ElQuinto? That looks incredible!

  • @elquinto

    Hey man, this version of mlr is INSANE. I had sound cyst tweak out a version for me a while back and max/msp was becoming so unstable it has been hard to stick with it. This feels
    really solid though. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

    Question, is there anyway to sync Ableton's playback to Redux? I'm trying to send click out via ableton and mash buttons to it, but unless I hear the metronome, my button presses are out of sync.

    thanks again my man!

  • glad u r enjoying it. :)

    not sure what u mean by "sync Ableton's playback to Redux". you could play unquantized, but quantized it's always synced to Live's metronome.

  • @elquinto

    Sorry, I realized I should have explained that better after the fact lol.

    I am basically trying to send click to a drummer while I play along mashing buttons. If I arbitrarily press a button without hearing the click (say to start a song) the loop will be off the click coming out of ableton (it is even off the subdivisions of the click).

    I was wondering if there was a way to make it so that if I press a button, without hearing the actual click, it automatically still syncs. Maybe like a sequencer would or something.

    It's mainly for starting songs, once the music is playing its easy for us to link up. Not sure if this is possible, but thought I would ask.

    Thanks for your time man, and congrats. This thing is changing my world!!

  • U can try using the midi.amxd, create a midi clip on that track with a note triggering the row u want, and launch that clip when the click starts (or at the appropriate time). not sure if that'll do what u want though.

    the next update has better sync and timing. it seems bug-free now and will be out very soon. just need to clean up the setup tab and rewrite the documentation. (so many changes it might as well be a new app)

  • also when the transport is stopped, if u press the pads u want to trigger they will automatically play as soon as you start the transport.

  • @elquinto

    i would like to use redux using gridlock ( multiple controllers monome emulation).
    i tried to replace your serialosc used inside redux without luck ..can u make in your future release a gridlock version? i post here the serialosc that work with gridlock & monomes.
    i hope that u can help us

  • next update has both standard and zeroconf sosc.maxpat built in with a toggle to switch between the two. the zeroconf is mainly for pages users, but it works with gridlock too.

  • @elquinto

    Ok man, thanks for your counsel! I've pretty much gone through the gamet of options I will make it work.

    Great work brother, a million thanks!

  • @elquinto

    i think that a gridlock serialosc version is the better choice because zeroconf works only with 32 bit max .. i hope that u change idea

  • @logritm
    having the possibility to switch from serialosc to zeroconfig within the app is great for people using 32bit or pages.

    if you use a 64bit system and gridlock you can always modify redux with a gridlock-compatible serialosc.
    when doing so make sure to open the serialosc.max and move the whole connect-to-Dropdown-stuff to the very top left of the patch's window, otherwise you wont see the connection-dropdown in redux.

  • @elquinto

    just had a chance to try it out, and it looks amazing! very good work! looking forward for v1.21 :)

  • finally have a release candidate. it'll be up in the next day or two. new name, new thread, be on the lookout. ;)

  • Elquinto, thanks so much for the reply on my help thread, and for making this.

    It's great and exactly what I was looking for!

  • wow, looking forward to this!!!

  • hard working! can't wait.

  • refresh syndrome strikes again :P

  • ^the same!
    I should apply for jobs but HAVE to check constantly for the appearance of elquinto's new app.

  • hi @elquinto, any news?