[FS] Shruthi-1 4-pole mission

  • Hello,

    I recently built two 4pm Shruthis and am now selling one of them.

    Here is more info about the Shruthi itself: http://mutable-instruments.net/shruthi1
    It is equipped with a state variable 4pole filter board that supports 15(!) different filter modes (1/2/3/4-pole lowpass, 1/2/3 pole highpass, 1/2/3 pole bandpass, notch, phaser, ...) and several different overdrive modes (e.g. MS-20 inspired overdrive). I really like the warmth of the filter. I use my unit on basses a lot.

    I am an exerienced DIYer and have been soldering for more than 7 years. The unit is new, only used for testing if everything’s okay. The internal LEDs are installed, two in the front and one on the board. They light up when the modulation wheel is turned. Looks really nice :)
    If you want, I can swap the black button caps for gray ones.

    I’m asking 300€, +10€ for power adapter. Offers welcome.
    Location is Germany. You can come and test it in Dresden.

    Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/128743207@N08/sets/72157650376140265/

  • Still available, offers welcome!