[FS] Shruthi-1 polivoks

  • Hello,

    I recently built two polivoks Shruthis and am now selling one of them.

    Here is more info about the Shruthi itself: http://mutable-instruments.net/shruthi1
    It is equipped with a Polivoks-style filter board. Sounds really dirty and I must admit: I have the filter overdrive on all the time on my one. Really like it!

    I am an exerienced DIYer and have been soldering for more than 7 years. The unit is new, only used for testing if everything’s okay.
    The knobs are okay (I’m fine with them on my unit) but they are not perfectly leveled (some a little higher than others). Swapping them for something else is no big deal.
    If you want, I can swap the black button caps for gray ones.

    I’m asking 300€, +10€ for power adapter. Offers welcome.
    Location is Germany. You can come and test it in Dresden.

    Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/128743207@N08/sets/72157650086616891/

  • Still available, offers welcome!