Status quo of Launchpad emulation

  • I recently got a Launchpad mini. I used to have a Monome so my first thought was to get back into it.

    But searching around on the net for Monome emulations makes me sad. Everything I find seems to be either really outdated information or broken and badly written Max patches. It's quite pathetic really.

    So far I've found monomeemu which doesn't seem to work with Max6/Live9, and nonome 1.24 which doesn't seem to work either and from looking at the patch's guts I'm not surprised. What a mess.

    Am I missing something maybe? Is there a decent serialosc emulator?

    I am very tempted to develop my own emulator at this point, but I really can't afford to spend a lot of time on this right now.

  • Ah I remember I came across gridlock but the website scared me and I thought I had to donate. I didn't read properly. Maybe I was blinded by all the wonderful graphics :) But it seems like a very bloated and not particularly well developed project.

    When I load the Max patch it already throws loads of messages of which numerous errors, but it does seem to do something. Now I have to get through the poor interfaces with loads of unlabeled buttons :(

    aum.haa also appears way too bloated with lots of features and dependencies and other stuff I don't need. I don't even want to try it. Please forgive my moaning I'm a bit tired.

    If these are the best options I still feel obligated to roll my own really.

  • yeah i think you may be better off rolling your own and sharing it with people so it can be modified. i know how you feel as i am in the same boat with a few other projects and i am currently building some stuff for myself that i will share in a few months when i am done.

  • the one by livid instruments has always worked fine for me.
    it just translates MIDI into OSC data and back. it is specifically made for their hardware but i think it could work on a launchpad

  • Hi 0x80 - if you're having problems with Gridlock, feel free to let me know and I'll try to assist. Although, I guess as it's not a well-developed project you may prefer to go elsewhere ;)

  • It's also worth mentioning that MRLV2 includes native support for launchpad.

  • i'm on gridlock.
    works fine for me, quite easy to use.
    if you have problems running it write in the gridlock forum.

  • Thanks for the tips guys. I will give gridlock another try too, now that my mood has improved :)

  • Hello everyone !
    I'm new here !

    I'm trying to use the Launchpad with monome Max/MSP patchs. I'm using nonome for that and it's working with mlr 0.42 for exemple. And that is really cool !

    But now I want to go deeper in this environment and try other patchs.
    But with new monome patchs we need to use serialosc patch (present as a bpatcher call) to configure the "real" monome.
    And nonome can't communicate with this part of the patch because it's directly switching midi to osc.

    Do you have a tricks or a patch to replace the real serialosc patch and be able to work with all the monome patchs easily ?

    Thanks for your advices and help !

    PS : I'm on os X 10.10, so maybe that can be some source of trouble also...

  • not sure, but I think nonome is based on monomeserial. serialosc is the successor with another protocol. so you need conversion from serialosc<>monomeserial. Not sure if monomebridge does reverse conversion, put pages does it for sure.

  • there's pages, and you can connect to pages via serialmonome and adress patches that use serialosc.
    or, the way i use my launchpad nowadays, use gridlock and connect directrly to serialosc.maxpat apps.

    googel gridlock / sigabort.

    have fun!

  • @trppng
    Thank you for introducing gridlock .
    I can use monome apps with push now.:)
    is there way to use it with out zeroconf version?

  • yes, you can.

    for m4l apps:
    you can edit the apps you're using and replace the serialosc.maxpat with the one that comes with gridlock. Done.

    For max-apps:
    You just have to make sure there's no 'extra' serialosc.maxpat in the app's folder. If there is: replace it with the one from gridlock.
    If there's none: You should be fine (if you replaced the serialosc.maxpat in your MAX folder with gridlock's).

  • @trppng
    Thank you very much.
    I will try to change it.:)