Sold: Aleph 975 EUR (Europe only)

  • too much on my plate to dig deep enough at the moment... therefore: offering my aleph for sale, Eu only, since I do not think it makes sense for anyone to pay import taxes on this once more.

    based in Berlin, Germany. Also open to "partial trades" (Eurorack modules).

    Full price would be 975 EUR plus shipping

  • Still available.

  • Trade with monome arc2 + iPhone 4s ?

  • @Starfucker inc.: thanks for the offer but I have no use for neither.

  • do you accept an acidlab autobot + $ ?

  • No interest, sorry, I am happy to consider eurorack modules of most variety but am not so interested in complete-ish synth voices.
    Also, since this Aleph is in Berlin, Germany, I'd rather not ship it to the US since I myself at least had to pay big bucks to get it over here - approx. 240 EUR on top of the price of the unit. That is also why I am pretty firm on the price and consider it fair.

  • acidlab autobot is a german sequencer a la tb303 with some more interesting seq fuctions. it isnt a synth voice ;)
    i have friends in berlin that could get it for me, i am not in usa...
    thx anyway

  • hi there!!
    i'd like to try aleph.
    i can trade some modules, such as

    flame arpeggiator
    positronic transient gate
    mi elements

    let me now if this wolud be fine for you

  • Sold/swapped