new grid ship update!

  • hello! no matter how confident i am about a round of manufacturing, i've evidently still never learned that things just inexplicably go wrong. the snow storm held up some packages, and then we found that one of our manufacturers made a mistake that led to quite a bit more labor on our part.

    the good news is that things are building smoothly now, and we're starting shipping today-- first to a very early order from one of our retailers. direct orders will start shipping on monday. thank you for your patience as always! and once these go out we're looking forward to sharing quite a few other new things.

  • Excited for the "other new things"!

  • Saving my pennies for a new grid...

  • two words to describe the "other new things". Please sir!

  • a round of direct sales went out today, and all retailer batches have been shipped! more tomorrow.

  • Ordered from Control and cannot wait to check it out! Did the Switch modules go out to retailers as well?

  • yes indeed.

  • control voltage had a sweet sweet photo of the new 128 on instagram today!!!

  • int shipping fees on the direct buy just went screwy did they?

  • i just tried to fix them-- how do they look?

  • €94.02 for expedited UPS. is that right?

  • depending on the conversion right now-- around $100US is what they charge. i thought you were coming to the states soon?

  • Came and went! Flying visit. Didn't see much except the office and the hotel room. And piles of snow.

    Just waiting on expenses to come in. Should hopefully pull the trigger then.