• A thread for making new things!

    Does anyone use I haven't had a chance to properly get into it but the syncing works well. Might be a good way to work with multiple collaborators etc

    I'm always looking for people to contribute to beatpicnic so if anyones interested in either holding their own beat picnic or using samples recorded in Japan let me know. or

  • Hi i checked out your FB page and i like the idea of beat picnic .
    but i don't have decent portable recorder and compact microphone .
    Do you think iphone 5s mic can do good job?

    i wish i can join beat picnic in japan with bento box .
    i'm from osaka but i live in US now.

  • i've made beats with an iphone @hiko

  • @hiko first time we did it I used rode mic app. The iphone mic for what it is is actually pretty good. Your going to use a lot of post processing on your recordings anyway so fidelity isn't all that important to begin with.

    last saturday we went to Shimagamo shrine in Kyoto. Let me know if you want a link to the samples.

  • i'd love the link @pekopeko

  • Thank you @pekopeko and @gli.
    Yes ,i'm in.
    can you send me a link?

    I miss Kyoto so much .
    their food and this one.:)

    680 x 510 - 359K
  • arashiyama!? We're going to go to the monkey park and record there on the 11th.

  • Thank you for the samples ,sounds great .
    Yes .:)
    i went there 5 years ago.
    I would like to go back there again one day.

  • Peko, I would love the shrine samples or anything similar. Got a gig coming up and it would be cool to use some stuff like that.

  • a new bunch of samples are ready if people want to submit tracks for beat picnic.
    Recorded at arashiyama monkey mountain in kyoto japan.
    Lots of weird metal sounds, kids shouting, monkeys drinking, munching nuts and fighting.

    looking to release a compilation for download once tracks are made.

  • Peko, I'll take a look!