serialosc version of 7Up

  • Hi all, attached is a version of 7Up for serialosc as this seems to continue to cause numerous issues. Tested against Live 9.1 on a 256 - also allows you to run it 64-bit.

    Let me know of any issues,


  • what did u change? it already supports serialosc.

  • it does? maybe I've wasted my time then... I could only find a zeroconf version and from reading around that seems to be the general feeling...

    maybe the website hasn't got the latest links?

  • zeroconf version uses serialosc. did u strip out the zeroconfig?

  • i think zeroconfig is the reason why it wouldn't run 64bit (and why people have problems connecting). this is good.

  • yes, zeroconfig is stripped out, this just uses native serialosc - maybe I should have been clearer in the description

    probably just my way of describing things :)

  • just tested and it works great.

    any idea how to change the brightness of the stepper play marker? i've tried digging through the code before but i couldn't find it… on the newer 16-level varibright grids it's not really visible.

  • maybe i spoke too soon… there are issues with this app and live 9. nothing to do with your edit though.

    the stepper only plays through the first cycle, then the midi gets cut off for some reason. there are small problems like this with other seven-up components too.

  • i don't thin the brightness of the stepper is configurable... I would imagine that is buried in the java code somewhere...not sure if this is available?? i think the only thing configurable is the overall brightness via the front panel

    for some reason it's not sending note off messages - will look into this...

  • looks to be a Live issue - I've tested on 9.1.1 and 9.1.3 and it's fine, but not on 9.1.7... what version are you on?

    i'll try and get some old installers and track it down further

  • Looks like some M4L MIDI processing changed/was broken in 9.1.6 and things don't work properly unless note off messages are sent for corresponding note on, which 7up doesn't... raised with the Abes

  • updated .amxd files to work with Live 9.1.6 and later

  • awesome. thx for your efforts sigaport. glad the app is usable again.

    the problem i mentioned with variable brightness and newer grids (being way too dim)- do u think the js code for that is in the core device, or would that be in the other devices?

  • i just booted it up and i found a couple problems. it thinks my 256 is a 64, so no led feedback or anything on the other 3 quadrants. also the 'use multi-led intensity' switch doesn't activate variable brightness anymore. its stuck on mono-bright.

  • that's Java code - i'll have a look into that, i'm starting to get familiar with the code so I may try making some changes there
    for the 256,multi-led issue, is that when using the non-zeroconf version?