fixed serialosc on 10.10

  • works perfectly here. with non-monome ftdi devices plugged in as well.

    we're adding some features, and will have a new proper installer soon.

    for those of you who were seeking a fix to the concurrent ftdi device cpu spike, you can build your own quite easily using waf. if anyone wants to do this, let me know.

    everyone else, stay tuned. we've been busy.

  • Excellent news! Thanks for this, tehn (and anyone else who had a hand in it).

    As mentioned in a previous post, I've never had any issues with my 256 under Yosemite, so if I can get the Arc up and running as well I can finally bid farewell to Mavericks.

  • thanks for the update, tehn. looking forward to the new installer.

  • excellent news.

  • excellent! will this work with 10.9 or should i start preparing an update?

  • should work on 10.9

  • I'd be interested in trying this out. Is the uv branch on the current work in progress?

  • i'm on yosemite monome 64 only work with sum ... if i use the monome device installer doesn't install serialosc inside max6/patches folder ... then i am only able to use sum ... Do u think that the problem is the name on the folder max6 ? where can i download the new serialosc.maxpat to add it manually inside the max/patches folder ..

    can someone tell me where i can download the ftdi & serialosc commands to turn it on/off ...
    my old laptop is dead yesterday and i don't have them anymore ... thanks

  • @logritm
    the monome device installer should install the serialosc server, but not the maxpatch. if you use max 7 the serialosc.maxpat is included in max itself.

    if you're staying on max 6 you can grab the .maxpat from here:
    after you've downloaded, unpack the zip file and drop the whole folder in your Max 6.1 directory. this info has now been updated on the wiki (apologies for the lack of foresight there!)

    the serialosc on/off utilities should be installed with the monome device installer into /Applications/Utilities/monome

    i'm not sure about FTDI though you shouldn't need to turn it off as the kernel panic bug is fixed in apple's included FTDI driver with mavericks/yosemite.

  • the scripts will be irrelevant with the next serialosc release, which is imminent

  • thanks to everybody ....maybe the wiki didn't helped me... but your support is always great :D

  • so, is this updated now? the latest one on Github still seems to be from 2012. my new monome 128 seems to work ok but i'm still having issues with my Arduino controller and my Manta. i'm not sure but i suspect a conflict between serialosc and the ftdi driver. i run 10.10.2 and changed to the old ftdi driver (also from 2012...). is it safe to use Apples own driver now maybe?

  • apple's driver is good. no big deal if you installed ftdi also.

    new mac serialosc is done but installer isn't yet. very close.

  • hi! any news about that?

  • sorry for the delay, i'll check with will.