FS: UK/EU Monome White Whale

  • Bought for my nasty eurorash habit but prefer using my laptop for monome duties... I might try Earthsea at some point but having a declutter in my rack to make room for more modules... always more modules... but I am limiting myself to sound processors rather than sequencers....


    White Whale. Bought Nov-ish 2014, used a few times in my studio but not enough to warrant keeping it. 100% working great with my monome kit 128.

    £169 inc USB A>A cable for future software updates.

    Free shipping, import duties already paid.


  • Now up on eBay. I have had a few enquiries regarding trades and at present I am not looking to trade. The fewer things I own, the happier I am. A big decluttering is going on in my life, just a few things. That's all I want. Too much of the Monome for me is in the laptop.

  • have you been using one of the power adapters or have you not had power problems?

  • It comes with the 5v power pcb but I have never had cause to make or use it. I have a 128 kit which is absolutely fine self powered and with no whine, but I also use the mutable instruments volts plug in for additional current and a very beefy ericasynths toroidal PSU supplying 12v/-12v which feeds the volts so a good ground plane and a good linear current.

    The only reason I am selling is I am getting into the habit of letting go of things that I do not use, I am finding the more I have, the less creative I become.

    I'm Decluttering and keeping all my euroracks in a single 15U wall mounted shelf and what does not get used will also be sold. I find if I don't buy so much stuff, I don't need to sell it later.

    Down to £149. No trades. Thanks.

  • Not particularly easy to find on ebay - you might want to post a link :-)

    Nice Studio btw - in speaker ad - great place - hope you're living there.

  • I live here. yep. I value space and light more than stuff.
    (photo removed now its sold)

  • Yum. And sold. Thanks all.

  • thanks clive! :)

  • Enjoy. Emailed you Tracking data