max7 serialosc super-preview by stretta

  • Stretta gets a few snow days -- singled-handedly converts the entire monome community to Max 7...

    Inspiring work as always.

  • Yeah, after watching a few other videos of his why didn't I buy when it was on sale?

  • its rare but...
    i need emojis for this

  • Max7 was on sale? I was waiting for that... :-(

  • the subscription service is a very very good deal!

  • I could be wrong, I thought it was for a bit over holiday season but I may have been mistaken.

  • I checked just about every day over the holidays and I never saw the price dip.

    When it was a Max 6 license and free upgrade to 7, it was $40 cheaper - at least for the crossgrade. A new license was cheaper too but I don't remember by how much.

  • woah .., thats awesome
    but i definetly want an arc4

  • As a Max beginner, I think I understood about 2% of that!

  • I think I was mistaken then.

  • right if anyone wants to explain how to any of that in more detail then i will give you on the face

  • As an educator I can get an upgrade cheaper than a sub for a year. If you were new I could see the subscription thing. It might have been the route I'd have taken a couple years ago when I purchased (especially if I knew I would't use it enough to be worth it.) I keep thinking I'll put more personal use into it. It is a powerful tool, though I wish it took less resources when running. Perhaps it is more optimised now.

    All that stuff looks pretty neat though and Max certainly offers flexibility.

  • He is using BEAP, right?
    is that possible also with the external Serial OSC abstraction and the current BEAP version in Max 6?

    Anyone any experience?
    I have both launchpad and monome...I shall have a look.


    Anyway Stretta is always a great inspiration!!!
    Thank you for posting!!!