Monome in band practice

  • Just posted this 18-second video of my band Beauty Pill in our basement practice space last night and then it occurred to me it might be of interest to the monome community. This is my bandmate Jean triggering granulated samples from our album multitrack while the band plays behind her.

    This is her own monome/ableton patch.

    She adapts the sounds and timestretches on the fly. It seems like magic to me.

    If it doesn't make my bandmates too self-conscious, I will post more rehearsal videos. We are preparing for a performance residency here in DC in May.


  • Sounds awesome! I use a monome in my band as well, challenging to get it feeling organic honestly. Good stuff, id like to hear more.

  • That's great. Definitely want to see more.

  • I like it.
    Wanna see more!!!

    I did something similar with some friends when jamming: using mlr to record their input and doing high-pitched-reverse-stuff. It's like having another voice/instrument.

    What app is she using?