New 128s vs older 128s

  • Hello,

    I currently own a 64 grey scale and want to add a 128. Has anyone checked out the new design yet in person? Debating between a used 2013 walnut or going for a spanking new one. I do like the look of the walnut better but do you all know if there are any new cool circuit things in the new design that make it superior to the older models? I also want to check get a earthsea or white wale soon. Would that factor in better with the new model? Any advise would be great. Thanks

  • same circuits between 2013 walnut and new aluminum. it's a matter of aesthetic.

    these newer (2013 and on) keypads are much more responsive than older models.

  • i still wonder how they'll stand the test of time (and heavy usage), but i've tried these new pads and they're definitely more responsive.

  • +1 on the more responsive pads. i previously was using a gs128 which was awesome, but there is a huge difference in the new 2015 128. the design is beautiful, the new warm white led's looks incredible, and the solid aluminum base is super sturdy. to me it feels like a refined gs128 which was always my favorite grid until now!