patchboard - an animated patching matrix

  • Hi, I'm new to this forum, to the monome and to max/msp... so I'm very pleased to have discovered you all! I wanted to contribute something with my first post, so I reworked Raja's cellular matrix sequencer (thanks Raja) to make it into something I hope some of you will find useful. It's been a great way to get into programming the monome with max. Anyway, the result is patchboard, a very simple 15x15 signal routing patchboard, with the option for animating the routings with conway's life.

    In the zip, the utility (patchboard) is set up to play some sounds, so you can check that it actually works - I found it useful for making sure the timings were regular and everything was working properly. It's simple to strip the sound generation part out of the patch.

    So, it's great to be here and I'd love to hear any suggestions for improvement to this little thing I put together.

    Edit: fixed a couple of things, it now seems to run fine. I should have waited before putting it out there.

  • welcome, strettara! i'm always glad to see your posts on muffs.

  • Thanks man. I was a little unsure about using the same handle here, but I've been using it for years and the resemblance to stretta is purely coincidental. Hopefully it won't cause confusion.

  • I'm wait! Welcome muff brother. Thanks for sharing this. I'm new to max too, but nothing to share yet!

  • Raja, you're right, a couple of my externals are not in the package, I'll deal with it - apologies, I'm still not totally au fait with max dependencies and so on yet, still learning. I've discovered a few issues in the actual evolution section - loop lengths were mod16, for instance, so you couldn't run a loop of, say, 7 steps smoothly - and a couple of other issues, I'm just working on that and then I'll post it again. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • Uploaded corrected version.

  • this is a great first post and patch!
    thank you.

  • Here's an example of patchboard being used as the sequencer for an app I'm developing, repeater, which basically loops 1 sec segments of four audio files at positions and speeds determined by the evolution of the game of life. In this case 3 numbers stations recordings and a drum sample. Recorded as a live improv.

    Just a first outing, but I like it ;-)

  • so cool to see new folks getting into monome programming. an ems-style patchboard with animation is an awesome idea! just checking it out, but couldn't figure out how to make it generate sound. any tips?

  • I'll be posting Repeater in a few days which makes it clear, but the basic idea for sequencing actual audio is to calculate the values of the matrix - i.e. treat the rows/columns as binary numbers, count the number of on/off leds, generate gates when a certain threshold is exceeded, and so on. So each step of life outputs a whole mass of data you can use to control stuff. All of this is already implemented but in a clumsy way, it just needs a bit of fixing/refining and then I'll put it out here.

    Repeater itself has other features, you can hold/mute voices, set loop speed offsets, and so on.

    And Repeater is just the first module in a musical toy I'm building for the monome - my aim is to make something that a kid could have fun with but a musician could also use for a "serious" musical purpose.