Arduino Leonardo mext Interface

  • I had previously made my somewhat naiive post that I was making the Adafruit Untz as a beginners serialosc device. I'm a bit better read on the subject now thanks to the serialosc developer. What I was trying to say was that I was looking to have the Arduino Leonardo - the processor in the Untz - talk via serial using the mext protocol defined by

    Having the open source hardware of the Untz and the program I'm doing work like a basic monome device is an open method to do LED/button sequencing much like previous arduinome work. No competition for professional devices is implied.

    The system, ledgrid, and button responses appear to work although I need a few more minutes with set row and set column. There is a debug definition to be able to talk via an Arduino serial monitor to send and read commands.

    The draft code is viewable from
    When done, an open source tutorial will be on the Adafruit website.

    I welcome review and comments especially how the mext inputs and outputs are being handled. Thanks, Mike

  • Very promising project. :)
    I am thinking about getting an Untz.

    Best wishes~

  • I have moved the code and documentation to GitHub to make it easier to see what's been done:

    Feedback is welcome and may be added to the GitHub issues area. Assumptions made in mext are in the DEBUG documentation file, this is probably where my review of how mext interfaces with serialosc has gone awry.

    Thanks, Mike