grid versions

  • I was using the node monome-grid library and noticed that it inaccurately set my old monobright 64 as varibright. The offending line is here: which I resolved locally with an if (\-\d+/)), but this wouldn't work with other monobright 128/256s. I was curious if there's a list in the docs somewhere that describes the formats for each of the serial numbers? Given that I'd be happy to open up a pull request to resolve it for other versions.

  • yes-- this is a bug.

    "series" (non-vari-bright) have the prefix "m64-" or "m128-" or "m256-" and the old 40h protocol starts with "m40h"

    newest vari-bright "mext" protocol have just "m" followed by seven digits.

    sorry for the confusion! a decades' worth of subtle feature additions.

  • okay cool, opened up a PR.

  • thanks! applied a slightly different fix but should have same result. published to npm and updated grid-studies-nodejs package.json version. appreciate the bug report!