suggestions for dual grids

  • I finally bought a 128, spurred on by the new grid and the lower price. It's a bit extravagant as I already have a gs64 but mlr on a 128 has always been seductive and the varibright looks very useful and intuitive from what I've seen. I'm not sure yet whether I really should sell the gs64 to cover the money I've spent and make me feel less guilty (probably). So, I'm looking for suggestions about good ways to use the two grids together. I just watched the brilliant galapagoose video with mesh (looks great) and it got me wondering how else people like to do this. Thanks HN

  • mesh would be very very fun with 2 grids

  • tehn's parc video is one of my favorites...

  • I'm awaiting delivery. I'm sure mesh will be a lot of fun and maybe enough on its own to convince me to keep the gs64, it is a beautiful thing and I've seen some newer 64s going crazy cheap on here lately so maybe it's not worth parting with it. @clint, yeah I've always loved that tehn performance, I've used parc a bit but 'slide'? I can't quite figure out what's going on there. It sounds like aalto so maybe the slider represent the extra cc's available in aalto (pitch bend, mod, +1, +2). I love aalto but haven't tried integrating with monome yet, should be good. Any clearer ideas of what the gs64 in the video is doing?

  • Actually, looking at the video, all eight 'sliders' on the 64 are doing something, so maybe my ideas about the aalto integration are wrong.

  • As per the comments in the video, the sound is automat (; video predates Aalto i think?).