GridNinja - Monome Multi Touch Emulation and Multi Function App with VVVV

  • Hi,

    I just wanted to point out that I published my application GridNinja.

    It is a solid VVVV implementation for the Monome.
    Featuring a multitouch emulated 128 buttons Monome.
    And you can connect up to two real Monomes. So in total you can play 3 Monomes at once, each one having multiple apps.
    It still works with the old Monomeserial maxpatch, but I plan to update it at one point.
    It is Windows only since it is based on VVVV.
    Performs great on a Microsoft Surface or any W8 multi touch tablets.

    Features right now Step Sequencer, Faders, Ray Circulator and Keyboard
    Another page on the touch GUI features touch midi sliders.

    More stuff to come.

    I am happy about testers and feedback.




  • I just added auto key function for keyboards and a wired polygome interpretation of mine.
    See github

    And here is a 60 minutes set with the new autokey and polygome. Playing about 15 different samples for one hour and still not out of variations..