monome_sum choppy LED feedback

  • Hi guys, I thought I'd give monome_sum a try but the LED feedback is quite choppy. For instance, when running flin the 'drops' don't fall at a regular pace. same for the step sequencer ... the playhead doesn't step through the pattern at a regular interval. Any idea of what's going on? Seems like a lot of fun but it's a bit awkward playing like this. The audio seems to be fine though ...

    Same behaviour on both my 128 (2013) and 256 (2012), OSX 10.10.2

  • we've noticed this as well, particularly on older computers without quite as much grunt.

    the cause is Max's low priority javascript engine, which all the led messages pass through (and hence get bottlenecked). there's a few refinements we can do to improve the response, and are hoping to have a minor update to the package in the next week or two.

  • Thanks galapagoose, I'm running sum on a rMBP15 late 2013, not particularly old I think. Looking forward to the update, which I hope wil fix this ...

  • I've found turning audio in interrupt off in audio settings helps with Java/JS heavy situations