is there a difference between grid vs 128?

  • sorry for what might be an obvious question already addressed someplace else (but not on the Devices or Buy pages):
    Is the Grid the same as the 128? The 128 costs more (for the walnut?), but are they basically the same functionality and internals?

  • so...after looking at whos online and seeing strettara's thread history, I see this from Brian:
    I guess my question is answered!

  • indeed they are largely the same. our collective use of the word 'grid' aligned with the introduction of the arc devices - before then, the grids were often simply referred to as 'monomes' which obviously needed some refining when there was more than one type of object in question.

    to your question, that comparison should answer most questions. the primary differences between models are their appearance/materials and the presence or lack of variable brightness per led.

    and finally, the 2015 grids are able to be cheaper due to a number of small changes in the design, but also in large part due to the use of an aluminum base rather than walnut. the metal parts don't need to be hand-oiled & sanded, and the number of rejected parts is far smaller than for temperamental wood.

  • are these stamped or cast/maschined aluminum bases? they look great, either way.

  • both pieces are milled from solid blocks of aluminum.

  • Just got mine and I love it. Such a great finish. A lighter grey than I expected, really nice. Very solid and reassuringly weighty.