Open Call for Monome Compilation on netlabel

  • Dear Monome Enthusiasts,
    Was thinking to host a monome compilation on our small netlabel
    We did already other compilations before with quite some nice feedback. Just have a listen on the frontpage player of the page.
    We are mainly publishing in the realm of IDM, experimental electronica and so on.
    This compilation would be open for everything but limited to the monome community.

    Are you up for contributing one or even two tracks?

    We master the tracks in a profesional studio, so think of some headroom in your entry track - or master it yourself that is also fine.

    Release date and entry deadline depends on you. Everything would be creative commons and non commercial.

    If you like that idea send me a track or a reminder that you plan to make an entry to
    Then I take you in the mailing list.

    Let me know.


  • What Raja said. Definitely interested to participate, though.

  • Interested! Is there a deadline?

  • Hey guys I wouldn't take it too strikt. in the end I am very happy if we manage a compilation.
    But the more monome the better ;)

    Deadline is when there are enough tracks for a 45 minutes format. And if there are more entries coming then expected I would also do it a 90 minutes format which would be awesome of course for a free various artist compilation.

  • Hello, sounds sweet! I'll have a listen to the other stuff on your label and see if my music would fit.

    Will you be doing any physical copies or will this be download only?

  • Nice. It is download only. Maybe one day making the step to physical distributions with the old releases but this is only theory.

  • Thanks everybody so far who would be eventualy in!

    I make a small list here that should accelerate it a bit.

    A Merry Prankster (track confirmed)
    Artem (interest)
    kineticmonkey (interest)
    oootini (interest)
    myecholalia (interest)
    RajaTheResidentPoser (interest)

    I will keep you updated.

    Also still thinking about the cover, if someone has an idea let me know :)

  • Yeah, I think I'm in.

    When I organised an MCRP comp I had photography from @artpunk - his stuff is amazing.

    Or I noticed some vvvv work on your site. I'm sure any artist that submitted audio to the project would also love someone to create some vvvv video work to accompany?

  • I'm going to have to pass on this unfortunately. In the middle of moving job/house. I won't have time for any music stuff for a while. Looking forward to hearing the results though.

  • Interested.
    Will have to think about which track to send or to write a new one...

  • Hmmm. I'm interested in possibly getting involved in this. The studio is in a bit of a state at the minute, waiting for some old gear to clear out, and some new to arrive, before a proper sort out. But fingers crossed I'll have some time soon to work on something for you,

  • cool. will work on / send something as soon as possible.
    david, what's the timeline by which you'd need the track?

  • Cheers everybody. Sounds like a realy realy good thing!

    @kineticmonkey Yeah I like the idea of a photography. Maybe some Macro DOF stuff kind of thing. Can be still combined with some VVVV particles or generative geometry!
    But I find it realy hard, had a lot of tries already before, to come up with a pure rendering as an cover artwork. Most of the time this stuff looks great in realtime but as a still there is missing something. If you could ask artpunk would be great.

    For sure there will be music videos. Can pass the tracks directly to some associated visual artists thats no problem!

    @myecholalia and others: All chill! The earlyier the better but also the better .. the better ~ Let's see what comes together.

    In the end I know how it is. I mean one thing that I would like to encourage everyone is also to think of just taking one older track if you feel time problems. Sometimes they are better then you think and can get fresh again after someone else mastering it or listend to it among other artists.

    But of course I appreciate a lot if that encourages the one or the other to do a completely new thing!

  • pushing this.
    Totaly excited about sound so far. Please keep the tracks coming!

    A Merry Prankster

    Cant promise yet but might be some other fantastic artist on it.

  • Yeah, my track is coming along nicely, but slowly. sorry, bro.

  • yep, making a push to have something done by end of next week as well.

  • Hi i would like to join in too.
    i just sent you email .
    Please check it out.

  • working on it right now.

  • Thanks kineticmoney and hiko I received your tracks, explosive!
    Looking forward myecholalia and trppng!

  • is the project still open for submissions? been kind of busy in the past few weekends (hacking monome apps included), but hopefully will be able to finish a track in the next few days.

  • I think it's still open, haven't heard any different.

  • Yep still open for submission. By now we have 30 minutes already. So its full soon.

    Harder is the cover artwork...

  • I asked @artpunk, but he didn't get back to me about artwork. sorry, bro.

  • Ill be submitting something, I just sent an email to confirm. Ill also try submitting some artwork I've done. Since its of the IDM/experimental variety, I've got some kooky stuff I've made.

  • super!
    Hey does someone know if % and mtn are still actively doing music? Anyone know how to contact them? Would be awesome to have them on the compilation too

  • Owner Operator (%) you can email at, but no idea about mtn.

  • any news on this?

  • I emailed Tekcor about a week ago - looking at mid march release I believe.

  • great.
    i sent my song a few weeks ago.
    looking forward hearing what you guys submitted :-D

  • cool project,
    I am interested !
    ill send something today !

    hope it isn't too late

  • Yay, pats! get involved!

  • Great guys. The vibes are fantastic.
    There is maybe space for one more entry after pats (thanks!!) or two if they are short.

    Will close submissions mid of march. And optimaly do the release end of march.


  • Almost there... I will close the open call finaly on 24. of march

    Have a good time!

  • oh em gee - tekcor sent the list of artists through the other day. Many excite, so musics, Wow.

  • Oh man, not the "many.. so... wow" meme here too?

    Edit - nothing personal, apologies.

  • Prepare yourself... Memes are coming.

    What if I told you... Some people enjoy memes.

    I don't always post memes... but when I do they're overused and out of date.

    You're telling me... that in your country you don't enjoy memes?

  • Hahaha... sorry about that. There's a particularly annoying person online elsewhere who's always doing the many/so/wow thing and I just kneejerked. Back to monome goodness.

    If I can get my illucia fixed by the end of this week, I'll see if I can submit something for the compilation myself (illucia and monome as interfaces).

  • That would be neat strettara! Illucia looks fantastic btw

  • Hey, @tekcor, were you mastering this yesterday? How is it all sounding?

  • Hi @tekcor - sorry I didn't get back to you, been crushed by work. Another time.

  • Hi guys,
    I did not master it yet. Same as strettara had some work to do (no problem btw).
    But hey therefore I am now in another city, cologne in germany and have access to a even better studio in the media university there. Will do it soon and will let you know.

  • Thanks for the update! :D