monome 40h

  • hi guys i need help please. I just bought a monome 40h and can not find a way to make it sound with ableton live 9. I installed 7up with a project to ableton and appears as offline. someone can help me. thank you very much.

  • confirm that your 40h is working first by installing sum.

  • ok now this. thank you very much

  • hey how are you? . excuse me, I've gotten the ring with sum monome like you said, the apparatus is fascinating but I am not able to make it sound in ableton live 9. Might you help me? many thanks

  • No monome devices communicate natively with Ableton. Most people use Max 4 Live to connect their monomes with Ableton.

    Go here - - and scroll down until you see the Max 4 Live section. Use those m4l devices to get your 40h working with your projects.

  • how can i check my firmare version with a "new" 40h?

  • i'm not certain what you're trying to do-- there never was a 40h firmware upgrade.

  • Hi guys, I am trying to configure ableton with pages and I've been at this point, "You can create a page to test MIDI sequencer, when you hit play in Ableton should see a vertical movement through the monome." you know how to make a midi sequence in pages. I really appreciate your help