LINES: monome forum migration begins.

  • UPDATE: new comments disabled. see you at lines!

    UPDATE: new users and new threads disabled. you may still comment on existing threads.

    we're very happy to share with you:

    the monome forum has existed on this platform for 8 years! and we had two years before that on a different platform. it's time to move again. we've set up a new platform which is modern, mobile, has a great search engine, and relies on some fantastic community-building designs. it's fast, and it works very well.

    given the opportunity for redefinition, we're structuring for inclusivity beyond grid culture. our hope is to continue to best of what happens here now, and build on it.

    do not worry-- we're not erasing our history. here's our timeline:

    4/11 (three weeks from now) new users and new topics will be disabled.
    4/25 (five weeks from now) new posts will be disabled.

    the "archived" site will continue to live at

    go look!

  • Neat!

    Looks like users from this system are not being copied over to the new system; is that right?

  • correct. create a new user. you can link it to your google or github account for ease rather than making a new user/password etc.

  • le forum est mort !
    vive le forum !

    i wish you (us) the best for this new place :)

  • just took a glance [from multiple devices] and
    i don't think i'll be back here except for research

    its pretty rad

  • Congratulations, looks really good. Signed up!

  • Is this new site url going to migrate here?

  • no. will stay pointing here as an archive. but i'll eventually replace all of the site links (on the header, etc) to

  • I really like thedesign/look of this forum.
    LINES seems slightly more "poluted" visually (layout, colors, icons, highlights etc.)

    But, I already set up an account there and will follow wherever the monome trail leads :-)

    Speed-wise, on my iPad LINES is actually slower than ... ?

  • right now the CSS is factory install. i'd like to eventually address that-- but we plan that over there, not here!

  • So this must be the "controversial" thing u guys were hinting at... Am i wrong to assume this forum's contents aren't going to be migrated over? (because that would be a totally horrible idea.)

  • ha, no, this is not that. you'll know "controversial" when you see it.

    no content migration.

  • I think it's a good idea to "divorce" from the community board. For one thing, you might expect more traffic on a less monome-centric board and more tangential items of interest cropping up. Maybe a wider audience too?

  • This still seems a little disturbing. Why no content migration? I think u really might as well be erasing history... A lot of really useful info here, and i still learn new things by people bumping threads/bringing up old topics. Plus, how can u browse the archive when the search function is so bad? what's the point in upgrading to this new platform with better search, when there's nothing to search for. All the useful info is here.

  • Raj, you've gotta sign up quick! It'll be boring without you.

  • thanks for the typo check!

    there is certainly a lot of good information here, and there's also a ton of obsolete information. the search for this forum software is absolutely broken, but the site and content will not go away. i'll set up a google search feature similar to what raja suggested. not erasing history.

    the PM system is very good on the new forum. at this point, in fact, everything is better about the new forum. except that i need to spend some time crafting the visual elements-- too many stats and clutter. we'll get there.

  • i dont think content was migrated last time there was a switch...was it?

  • @gli
    yes it was, which is why i'm so confused we're doing this now. i don't get what it will hurt to migrate over like last time and why we have to start from scratch...

  • might be the only way for legit improvement if the framework of each forum is drastically different

    i honestly dont know

    but if this iteration is not going to be migration necessary? not my intention to sound callous

    just thinking aloud

  • the content wasn't migrated last time. it was from rforum to vanilla. that was in 2007 i think. we did re-css the forum completely, when version 1 to upgraded to version 2. now version 2 is no longer supported, the migration path isn't good, and i'm generally not impressed with the direction the developers are taking.

    "starting from scratch" isn't that big of a deal, in my mind. any thread over 100 posts ceases to be helpful for most users. forums are for dialog. wiki's are for sorting and categorizing information. unfortunately, the work rarely gets done, that which is taking good information posted in a single forum post within a likely much longer thread, and put into a wiki in concrete form.

    what *is* difficult is gathering a community in the first place. we have that. and we're opening it up to more people, by design. the tools are better. this will be a good thing!

  • "any thread over 100 posts ceases to be helpful for most users. forums are for dialog."

    i disagree. if there was a proper search function... a user could search when they have a problem and they would usually find the answer (and much quicker than starting a help thread and waiting for a reply.) 100 posts or not, a good search engine would find the info you're looking for if its there. now all those help threads people could refer to a going to be buried in an archive, which seems silly.

  • i commend the effort on the new site concept. i'm sure its much better. i just disagree with archiving the forums if we don't have to.

  • Talking of dialogue - I think it would be good to have a monome irc channel; no doubt this has been discussed, but the informality and directness of irc are great for building a sense of community. Forums tend to become the official face of a project like this, hence the need for posting guidelines, but irc is the cafĂ© for meeting and chatting with people. Just a thought.

  • Hahaha! - did a search for irc on the forum, but didn't think to check for a channel elsewhere. Thanks.

  • who built lines, just curious is all, as i see rails being used. is there a repo for this joint? oh, so going forward, discussions should be posted on lines, right?

  • i'd suggest posting there, as it will create a more gradual transition. i laid out the timeline in the first post. for more info on the backend. it's hosted on digitalocean.

  • thanks for reaching out.

    hope all is well :)

  • week one!

  • this friday we'll be disabling new users and new topics.

    please consider moving conversations over to LINES, to prevent disruption.

  • Wee! Amazing!

  • new users and new topics now disabled.

    you may still comment on existing threads.

  • new posting disabled.

    see you over at lines.