Aleph owners in Stockholm!

  • There must be one or two of you, right?

    Is there one of you who has the time and the inclination to meet up and do a little show & tell on the Aleph and answer some questions?

    I'm seriously considering 1. trying to find, and 2. buying, an Aleph, but it's a hard decision to make because, despite having watched as many videos and read as many threads as I can, it's still kind of an inscrutable little box.

    Your place or mine (Södermalm by Vitabergsparken), or a café, or the outrageously over-luxurious office I where work at Hornstull that has a little studio in it - whatever suits.

    Any takers?

    - c

  • yeah man! i'm down! but i don't get back home until the second week of april. then i'm around for a couple of months. hit me an email at instantjuggler(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Hi, sorry to slightly troll this thread but i am new to monome. Would anyone be up for showing me a few basics. I live in Stockholm. I am particularly interested in using the monome with Ableton, but want to see what can be done with this amazing device! I have a monome 64. Anyway it would be fun to bounce some ideas around with someone who knows how to use it properly or maybe jam? Thanks!

  • yeah, i'm down for that as well. hit me: instantjuggler(at)gmail(dot)com