International Arduino Day! (sale on grid kits)

  • "Arduino Day is a worldwide celebration of Arduino’s birthday. It's a 24 hours-long event –organized directly by the community, or by the Arduino team– where people interested in Arduino get together, share their experiences, and learn more." #ArduinoD15

    various retailers have discounted arduino products.

    grids can plug into an arduino due! we teach you how! see

    we've reduced the price of our grid kits to $400 through the end of this weekend. get one at

  • Kinda makes me wish I'd have waited ;)

  • this is why i generally don't do sales-- but we're getting close to clearing out the kits and i'd like them gone so we can get on with the new projects! thank you for your full-paid support, it keeps us going ;)

  • Not complaining, unless it's because it makes me want to buy a second :)

    Actually still wondering about the teensy being a suitable alternative to Due, it seems to have many similar functions and can act as a USB midi or other host (I believe) - this would likely be a Teensy 3.1 - thoughts anyone?

  • do the teensy and due use the same ARM chip? i haven't checked...

  • Due - SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3
    Teensy - MK20DX256
    32 bit ARM

    Teensy is actually more powerful but figured it should have the same essential functionality. It's quite a bit less expensive and brings all pins out for access. Teensy also tolerates 5V signals. Not sure how vast a difference this would make but the teensy can still run arduino sketches.