meadow physics euro module diode protected?

  • hello, i am wondering if it's safe to use stackables to combine the gate outs from the meadowphysics module? a google search returned no results when i looked. just got a 128, white whale+meadowphysics and im really excited to start using them!

  • i was doing this exact thing yesterday! it works, but...


    don't stack more than 3 outputs together as it will draw too much current from the output pins in the MP module. but moreover, it might somehow damage the module you attach it to, if those pins are quite sensitive (like unbuffered digital input pins).

    theoretically when you mult 2 outputs together their power is halved by sinking half the current into the other output pin. this isn't exactly friendly to the output opamps, but they're designed to deal with it. on the other hand, i'm not entirely clear whether 2 simultaneous outs would cause the voltage out to double (20V!) or if the passive impedence / attenuation would again reduce it to 10V.

    best practice would certainly be to use a digital OR module which i'm sure you can get for relatively cheap. it's basically just a handful of diodes arranged to give a safe path to ground for the additional voltage.

  • thanks! i have a shortbus for this purpose but as this is for a live case i was hoping to save the space.. now i know!