fs ww: 64, 4-stage vari-bright & a bunch of eurorack

  • selling the following. all including world-wide shipping and Paypal fees:

    - AMSynths AM8071 SnowFall filter, latest skiffable version, USD 160,-
    - Malekko Richter Envelator, USD 130,-
    - Malekko Switch, USD 55,-
    - Liivatera noise source, USD 90,-
    - Expert Sleepers ES-7, USD 90,-
    - Manhattan Analog Manual Voltage Processor, USD 150,-
    - ADDAC601 VC Fixed Filter Bank, USD 470,-

    hit me!

  • still available! final price reduction.

  • still selling this little guy. usd 290,- world-wide incl. shipping is a bargain, at least that's what i thought... really nobody wants this?

  • if i had seen this prior to starting a build i would have just hit you up. good luck with the sale.

  • added eurorack toys